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Aug 11, 2008 07:31 PM

cold soba noodles?

I've been to a handful of the ramen places that have cropped up of late, but I've yet to find cold soba noodles that you dip in a light soy broth - also cold. I regularly lunch at Menchanko Tei in midtown where they have a selection of cold ramen noodles, but no soba. Anyone know where I can get this? there must be somewhere in the east village.

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  1. SOBAYA on east 9th street (2nd and 3rd avenues) in the East Village. The best. This place is quite popular so get there as early as you can in the evening.

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      go to soba koh (i usually eat here once or twice a month), its much better than soba ya....soba totta has gotten good reviews, but i have not tried it. Also, on the more expensive end 15 East has Honmura An's old chef (i loved that Honmura An), i haven't tried it (although 15 East is one of my favorite sushi joints) and Matsugen has also opened recently (haven't tried it, but supposed to be good)

      i personally like the cold uni ikura soba

      here are some reviews (including my own):

    2. Ramen and soba are not related in any way. You shouldn't expect one shop to do both well. These two dishes share very little in common except form.

      1. Hi Renguin,

        Almost all soba noodles in NYC (not uncommon in Japan) have some sort of cold soba noodles as well. For soba specific places, there are Sobaya (ok), Sobakoh (better), Soba Totto (better), 15 East (much better). JG's new place Matsugen also specializes in soba, though I haven't tried yet (actually I went there but didn't order soba *o*)

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          "Almost all ramen noodles in NYC (not common in Japan) have some sort of cold soba noodles as well." I don't think this is accurate. Ippudo and Setagaya- cropped up lately per the OP's comment. No cold soba. They're ramen shops from Tokyo. Minca, RaiRaiken, Menkuitei- incumbent NY ramen options. No cold soba. These shops all specialize- to varying degrees of success of course.

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            Hi Silverjay,

            Sorry that was a typo. I meant "almost all soba noodles in NYC have some sort of cold soba noodles as well". I just edited it in my post.

        2. thanks! i'll try your suggesitons before it gets cold out and I have to switch back to hot noodles.

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              It's also so much cheaper to buy and cook it yourself. You can buy the noodles and the soup base at grocery like the amish market. (in the asian section)

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                will not taste even close to fresh handmade soba noodles and properly prepared broth...although u are right that it will be cheaper