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Aug 11, 2008 07:28 PM

Ideas for an amazing 30th Birthday Party for my Boyfriend??

His Birthday is December 27th and its on a Saturday which couldn't be more perfect!

I'm looking for a place where we could have maybe 15-25 friends...not too expensive, not cheap, with an awesome/unique/dark/decorative ambiance! Ambiance is really all I care about...and the crowd! A young and hip/trendy/popular/fun place!! A place thats hopefully, currently popular! Maybe a lounge or a restaurant that is also or becomes a lounge/club! And somewhere that takes reservations...

I really like The Edison downtown! Thats exactly the style I'm looking for but I was just hoping for more options!

It could be in the SF Valley...Hollywood...LA...Santa Monica...ya know!

Any suggestions? :)

Thank you!!

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  1. Cobras and Matadors in Hollywood can be fun. It's tapas, it's dark, they have pretty good wines.

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      that many people would be very hard at cm.......

    2. What about Rush Street in Culver City? I think it fulfills all your requirements.

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      1. re: recovering_vegetarian

        Except that the food sucks at Rush St.

        The York would seem to be perfect: decent food, swell beer and wine, big enough to get lost in but small enough to be intimate, sceny but not overwhelming, great music, and not so expensive.

        Or there's always the Prince in Koreatown...

        1. re: condiment

          I stand by my suggestion (I'd also recommend Beechwood, BTW). I don't think the food sucks at Rush St. I actually went the other night, and was pleasantly surprised... And it is definitely hip and trendy right now, which neither of your suggestions really is. The OP said that ambience is the most important thing, and I think Rush has that--especially given the age in question (my BF is also turning 30 this year, and he loves the place.)

      2. Do you want a place where you can get a table and order dinner, that also has ambiance, or are you more looking for a bar/lounge space that you can reserve? Is price an issue?

        A couple of options in the latter category include Tangier in Los Feliz or the pool bar at the Hotel Figueroa downtown. Also good for drinks/appetizers is Edendale Grill in Silverlake.

        For sit-down dinner recs, I'd suggest Taix in Echo Park, if price is an issue. A little more expensive is Cliff's Edge in Silverlake -- although one of their strongest features is their patio, and it could be cold on December 27th.

        1. The patio at Boneyard Bistro (or try to reserve a big table'll take up mostly the whole place.

          Firefly in the Valley

          Heck, I don't know. For me as a chowhound, it's always about the food.

          Heck, go to Gesiha House,'s "Hip" and has "ambiance" The sushi is better than grocery store at five or 6 times the price. Great drinks, very happening.

          1. I threw a surprise 41st birthday for my boyfriend. We had about 15 people and we went to Palms Thai. It was awesome, it's very open, and with lots of plants and Asian decor (cool looking not tacky) and they have a huge Buddah at the front next to the stage. Stage you ask? for the Thai Elvis impersonator! (He'll sing Happy Birthday for an extra $5)

            It was a super great time and the other restaurant diners joined in on our fun. We had Drinks, appetizers and a main course for everyone and our bill was UNDER $250 and the food was really really good.

            They have pictures on their site, don't forget to make a reservation!

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            1. re: carly_mizzou

              A lot of the bigger Chinese restaurants will let you set up big dinner parties if you call them. I'd just start with the top of the list and work my way down.

              1. re: noahbites

                A Chinese restaurant?

                The Op is looking for a "A young and hip/trendy/popular/fun place!!" Don't take this in the wrong way but most chinese restaurants in LA are pretty far from hip and trendy, maybe with the exception of Mr. Chow's which is barely Chinese food.

                How about Delancey or Citizen Smith in Hollywood. I can't really say they have great food. Citizen Smith used to have DJ's at night.

                There's also the Village Idiot on Melrose. It's a bar/restaurant.

                In Venice, I like Beechwood. That place is also a bar/restaurant. I've had questionable service there for a b-day few yrs ago but that was about 3 yrs ago.

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                  Trolley-- oops! Apparently I can't read!