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Aug 11, 2008 07:26 PM

Mexican restaurant suggestions (with child)

I have my 7 year old niece for the weekend and would like to take her out for an early dinner or even lunch at a fun Mexican restaurant in Philly. I'd like to be able to park easily ( safe street parking), and have a drink. She absolutely LOVES beans, so excellent beans are a requirement. (I make her red beans and rice and black bean soup regularly, so she knows her beans). I haven't been to any of the places in the S. Phila area that serve Mexican or even Colombian. I'd love to try something new. Casual and laid back is preferred, and obviously child friendly. Any suggestions?

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  1. For fantastic, authentic Colombian and/or Cuban I'd recommend Tierra Colombiana at 4535 N 5th St. It's definitely family friendly, they have delicious food and you can easily find parking on the street. We have never had a problem (in terms of safety).

    As for south philly mexican places - i love Taqueria Veracruzana (on Washington Ave and 9th - easy enough street parking) extremely laid back, casual and huge portions. Of course there's also Los Taquitos de Puebla that has the most amazing tacos al pastor (1149 S 9th St)

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      Also plaza garabaldi on Washington Ave across from Veracruzana - a little nicer atmosphere same folks I think

    2. i second garibaldi. we love it, easy to park and we've been taking our 2.5 yr old since birth :) it is byob though so if you would like an adult beverave you will need to bring it (not a problem we do al lthe time!)

      1. All the places mentioned so far are good, but the only one you can get a drink at is Tierra Colombiana. The best, least expensive Mexican place I know that also serves booze is probably Las Bugambilias, on South St. between Front and 2nd. They open at 4 PM, so lunch is out.

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          BH, how is Las Bugambilias? I've walked by a few times but have yet to stop in. Is it more tradional or more tex mex?

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            I believe it's more traditional, but I'm by no means an expert on the differences between Mexican, tex-mex, cal-mex, etc. The menu is here: . Huitlacoche and mole are featured in a few different dishes, and I don't think those are typical of tex-mex. The chef is formerly of Tequila's, so some of the dishes are very similar (and similarly good). Also, I think I misspoke when I said it was cheap: it's inexpensive compared to Tequila's, certainly, and it's a bit less expensive than Xochitl, which is a block away and isn't as good in my opinion. Entrees run $12-$20.

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            true - although taqueria veracruzana is byo (not sure about the others)

          3. Garibaldi is BYO too. Let's not forget the not as good but child-friendly AND drink serving...Mexican Post. The one on the parkway is fairly easy to park at.