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Aug 11, 2008 07:24 PM

RW: Tremont 647

This is one of those places that are close by but we've never just gotten around to hitting despite the good chowhound reviews and the RW menu looked good, so we decided to hit it.

The southeast asian salad (cold) was nicely done w/ chunks of tuna/shrimp/salmon/mango w/ a thai dressing. The tuna nicoise was two slices of spice crusted tuna w/ some egg salad topped w/ an olive tapenade. Both were tasty.

We also had the thai salmon and surf n' turf. The salmon was nicely cooked and roughly a 2x5" piece over white rice w/ onions and some lettuce and chicken slices. The surf n' turf was some flank steak (unfortunately slightly chewy) over flavored rice with some lobster/shrimp stuffing on the side and a glazed half banana; the steak had mostly a smoky flavor.

Finally, we had the mexican chocolate cake (picture spicy chocolate torte) and the triple mousse in a wine glass. The mousse was much better than the chocolate was just weird to have spicy/hot fudge when you expect it to be sweet.

The wait staff was really friendly, welcoming you to the restaurant. The only negative was the horribly dark lighting or maybe I'm just losing my night vision :-P

Cancelled a reservation at Uni because my brother said they were still hungry because of the appetizer sized entrees.

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  1. I love 647 to just sit outside on the street during the summer on nice nights. Parking can be atrocious in the area, but where on Tremont isn't it I guess. One of the bartenders there (A guy, forget his name.) makes a great Caipirinha if you like them. From there sometimes we'll hit up Beehive.

    1. Gotta tellya, I just don't get it in terms of the food. I was very happy with the beers and wines, but otherwise I've had the burger (average), a steak (bizarre combination with a green sauce) and the mac and cheese (rich, it's true). So maybe this is not a great sampling of dishes but three times is enough. This is a place to drink and get nosh, and grab an outdoor seat, otherwise it's hard to recommend above other choices. It was good or decent, if you need a place to go, just not worth going there for the food itself.

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      1. re: Tsantiago

        you know, for the first 6 years or so, we were weekly eaters there. but since andy's divorce and the demise of rouge, we have been consistently disappointed by the menu at 647. I think maybe Andy has gotten lazy, or he's just tired/bored with it. Such a shame because it was such a great place w/ lots of great asian and latin influences. now the menu has gone rather odd. Phooey; i hate it when a fav place goes downhill. Good thing for us that Jason is now at Gargoyles, and EVOO is still consistently ,deliciously dependable, warm, friendly, comfy( as tremont 647 used to be.) Still, keep an eye out for Andy's various events, like his yearly Tapas Challenge. Those usually have excellent food and visiting chefs.

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          here, here. I've been to 647 four times over the last three years. The first time for a legitimate meal that was less than thrilling, the second time just for drinks and a few nibbles before an event at they Cylcorama and this is where 647 excels. The last time was for RW and it was the worst RW meal that I've had and was the straw that broke the RW camels back for me; I have now have panic attacks when someone asks me if I'd like to join them at a restaurant for RW.

          1. re: cannedmilkandfruitypebbles

            I don't think T647 should put you off ALL RW meals. Theirs is one of the lamest I've ever had but there are good ones. My meal at Meritage 2 years ago was excellent. Their RW menu is finally posted and they've got a bunch of great sounding choices, will report back tomorrow.

            1. re: Joanie

              647 wasn't soley responsible. I have been expieriencing a steady decline of RW meals. 647 was the last one I decided I would subject myself to. I'd rather pay full price, have a true restaruant expierence, and have more than three options to choose from. You get a discount during RW, it's true. But the discount amounts to more than just the price of the check.

          2. re: opinionatedchef

   I guess I take it *used to be* a chowhound favorite :-)

            Gargoyle's is definitely more creative...Jason comes up w/ some pretty wacky ideas that still taste good.

            1. re: Spike

              I had lunch at 647 today for RW and I came away very disappointed. I had had a lovely dinner Sunday night at Gargoyles and was all excited to have TWO good RW experiences, but no such luck! I started with the tomato gazpacho and mini grilled cheese. The gazpacho was in such a small little dish that it didn't even come with a was about the size of a shot glass or a little bigger. The grilled cheese just wasn't very tasty...had goat cheese in it and was on I believe marble rye...not a good bread choice IMHO. Then for the worst part...the lobster pad thai entree. Yuck. The most obvious element was the chunks of scrambled egg...usually in pad thai not the most noticeable thing! Not a lot of lobster and oddly, not a lot of noodles either. And it just didn't taste good. I left at least half on my plate, which is very unlike me. The peach blueberry cobbler for dessert was tasty, although there actually weren't any blueberries in it. And the lemonade was made fresh for us and very good. The waitress was very nice and actually brought me a $10 gift card b/c I hadn't liked the pad thai [I hadn't made a stink or anything, she asked about it when she saw my plate]. Anyway, I won't be in a hurry to go back there, although I seem to remember having a fun brunch there some years back. Gargoyles, on the other hand, I will definitely go back to. Yummy!