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Aug 11, 2008 07:21 PM

Another Passion Fruit Question

I'm trying to save up enough passion fruit pulp to make making jam worthwhile.

Would you just scoop it all out and freeze it? Or will it be okay scooped out in a container in the refrigerator?

I figure the stocking up process will take about two weeks.

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  1. In my country, Brasil, we cook the shell of the passion fruit to also incorporate in the jam.
    We just remove the out skin and the membrane that has inside.

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    1. re: JoanaBR

      How would you keep the fruit before cooking it, if you needed to store it for two weeks?

      My passion fruit plant is ripening, but I won't have enough fruit to make the jam for another two weeks. So what do I do with the whole fruit I have now?

      1. re: Jennalynn

        i would freeze in a dark container, is the way that my mom thought me. We use to remove the pulp and freeze for after use , as jam, as mousse, as juice or caipirinha type of licor heheheh. Also we clean the shell, remove the outter and the membrane and cook or in water or in a thin syrup as you wish. and freeze also.
        but i will call my mom and check with her if has any other tip heheheh

        1. re: JoanaBR

          That would be lovely!

          Thanks Joana.

    2. Could you tell me where can i find passion fruit seeds in USA???



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      1. re: JoanaBR

        Where do you live? You'd probably get more responses if you post on the appropriate regional board.

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            Me too - though I have no idea where to get them. A new thread on the Manhattan board might get some results for you.

        1. re: JoanaBR

          I'm afraid I don't know.

          Mine vines were inherited when I moved into this house.

          I would do a google search. I'm sure there are many internet resources.

        2. If you have a latin grocery or even a latin foods section in the freezer area of your regular grocery store... you can buy frozen "slabs" of pure passion fruit pulp. (Its awesome for smoothies and desserts!)