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Aug 11, 2008 07:01 PM


I used to love, love, love the pergoies from Kiev on 2nd Ave. I have not found a good replacement for them. I'm not a fan of Veselka or Odessa's. Good applesauce and onions a plus. I usually get the boiled potato. Anyone have only suggestions? Thanks so much

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  1. Have you tried Ukrainian National Home? If anything, it's a trip to eat in at least once.

    I used to love the ones at Teresa's so I feel your pain.

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      Second Ukrainian National Home. We even took my grandmother there. They have sauerkraut pierogi like Babci used to make. Fried onions and sour cream on the side. Applesauce for their hand grated potato pancakes . . . I was not a fan of Kiev's pierogi. I have not been to Veselka (don't they have gourmet, non-traditional pierogi?) or Odessa.

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        Little Poland is where I usually get my fix. Although the dough is a little thicker and chewier, it hits the spot when I can't make it out to Lomyzianka in Greenpoint.

      2. Doesn't Neptune Diner have them? I'm not a big pierogi eater, but I think I've seen them on the menu.

        1. I know I know I know this is the Manhattan board, but a quick trip to Greenpoint will solve all your problems. I like the ones at Cafe Relax on Nassau and Newell the best. It's about a 10 minute walk from the Bedford L stop.

          1. Stage Restaurant (on 2nd btw 7th and St Marks)...hands down. They have amazing fried onions too. It's a hole in the wall with only a counter to sit at but it's amazing.