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Aug 11, 2008 06:58 PM

San Chia - taiwanese in ctown, anyone try?

I was looking on and they reviewed this taiwanese place on Catherine St called San Chia, anyone been? (i'm always hoping that some decent taiwanese place finally opens up in ctown)

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  1. I was there a month ago, and didn't think it was worth hiking east for the food. The menu's pretty limited with some rice and noodle dishes, no appetizers, and no lu-dan (boiled eggs) which made me very sad. The beef noodles were tasty, but the meat was a little gristly from what I could remember.

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      yeah it sounded like it was somewhat of a barebones menu...maybe ill try it anyhow

      1. re: xigua

        I just tried their beef noodles and my beef was very tender. I thought it was pretty good. If you get take out, request for your soup in a separate container otherwise they will just put it together, cooking your noodles into mush.

        Their chicken leg over rice was a dud for me. The leg was small and I thought their meat sauce was under seasoned. I prefer Excellent pork chop house which is close by.