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Tomorrow night in Providence...

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Read about Al Forno but we love Maine lobster and fish dishes. Where would you go if you craved outstanding seafood? We are staying downtown but will have a car at our disposal.

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  1. Hemenway's is right downtown and lovely, but not cheap. We love the moules frites at Red Stripe, choose from 8 or so different broths, and one order will easily fill two average appetites, making it a great buy. But I haven't been impressed with other items there.

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      I've even had crappy mussels there (tiny, dried out, blah)

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        Hemenway's - definitely. You can't go wrong, and the prices are in line with other restaurants of their caliber. I suggest you stay away from Red Stripe (unless you want a burger).

        If you have a car, you may want to head east (195 E) and head over to Stella Blues or The Wharf Tavern - across the street from each other in the coastal town of Warren RI (about 15 minutes from downtown Providence) You can't go wrong with either place; very reasonably priced.

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          Thank you all- we greatly enjoyed Hemenway's as you predicted. The only disappointment was the lobster. I did not find the local to be as sweet as Maine. However, everything else including service, was excellent.