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Aug 11, 2008 06:33 PM

Alternatives to APC and Toque for 20 people

I need a venue for about 20 international visitors for dinners on a Friday and Saturday night. APC and Toque would be perfect cuisine but neither will accept such a large group. It pretty much needs to be "local" food and not one of the better traditional or European style French or Portuguese or Italian or Asian restaurants since guests will be from Paris and Lisbon and Milan and Shanghai and Seoul and elsewhere and the comparisons are not likely to stand well. Besides they are here to enjoy Canada.

A private room would be fine as would taking the whole establishment if the management was willing. Price is not a big issue. Good service, a comfortable but not necessarily formal atmosphere, and above all, high quality food are.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Le Local, a new restaurant in old Montreal,is quite large and handsome,I had a dish
    calles "bedaine de cochon" which reminded me of PDC, it was delicious as was the
    rest of dinner...they are very hot so I don't know if they could take a group of 20...
    P.S. how about 2 groups of 10 ?

    1. Friday and Saturday nights are tough with a large group - I guess there's no way you can do this on a weeknight...What about Le Club Chasse et Peche? It's large enough that they could put you all in one of their rooms, if they know enough in advance. I'm surprised Toque can't accommodate you, but I guess it depends when it is. Some smaller places that might work are l'Atelier, 3 Petits Bouchons, Montee de Lait, 5ieme Peche, etc. - you would probably need the better part of the restaurant (if not all of it) for these, though, because they are smaller places, but if you were willing to guarantee a certain amount of food and wine would be consumed, they might agree to it.