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Aug 11, 2008 06:15 PM

Sunday brunch in the Tri-Cities: a forlorn hope?

Soon my family will be embarked on our annual trek to Richland, and the wine country along the way. We've found some decent places to eat en route, but the Tri-Cities themselves have given us some trouble, as every single decent place we've found has closed, save the Atomic Alehouse. Still, we usually manage to find dinner somewhere.

The problem, though, is breakfast on Sunday. We stay at a motel in downtown Richland, and can drive pretty much anywhere, but that town is DEAD on Sundays. We usually end up going to a coffee place that makes edible breakfast sandwiches (very slowly, I might add), but I wish we could find somewhere that does a decent sitdown breakfast.

Any ideas for us?

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  1. We go to a place called Andy's, just off Court St in Pasco, not very fancy but the food is homemade. It's usually packed but the service is fast. Friends go to Cousins, which is by the TRAC, never been there and it is a chain........

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      I have been to the Tri-Cities Cousins once. It was solid, good food. I believe there are three Cousins restaurants, one at the Oregon coast, and the other in The Dalles. I can say that the one in the Tri-Cities is far less "country" than the one in The Dalles, but the menu seemed pretty comparable. They do have great breakfast foods! Chicken fried steak and biscuits & gravy were my favorites when I lived in The Dalles.

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        Thank you both! We might give Andy's a try, it sounds like just what I was looking for.

    2. Andys is good food and there is also the Sandstone Cafe in Kennewick and McGills in Pasco. Both serve big portions and great food. Another place is the Coffe Nook in Kenewick but it gets pretty crowded as it is small and very poplular.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, all. We just got back from our trip: we went to Bookwalter Winery for meat and cheese plates, Ice Harbor Brewing Company for burgers (good onion rings there), and Andy's for breakfast. It was pretty good - I really liked that they had a "lite" breakfast, which was half portions of eggs, hashbrowns, toast and bacon or sausage. Next time I'm getting the corned beef hash, though. We drove by McGill's on the way there, which looked interesting as well. It's nice to have choices!

        1. The Clover Island Inn is in Kennewick. We always go there for Easter and Mothers Day. They have a view of the river. They have a seafood station along with the omolete station, prime rib and ham. My hubby loves the oysters. I love the crab! Kids love it, too.

          1. I forgot about this thread. We have since discovered our Richland breakfast place: Sage Port Grill. The corned beef hash! The chicken fried steak! The decor! Check out the size of this pancake: