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Aug 11, 2008 06:13 PM

Vegetarian and Steak Upscale DFW Restaurant

I'm a Boulder Colorado Vegetarian. My partner is a West Texas Steak Eating Cowboy. How we ever got together is another story. Right now I need to find an upscale restaurant somewhere in Dallas Fort Worth serving a great steak and at least an above average vegetarian dish or two.

Suggestions appreciated! JD

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  1. 2 suggestions:
    This sounds surprising.... but Texas de Brazil would suit your needs. Definitely a carnivore's dream - all you can eat meat. And it's really good meat! But it also has a wonderful salad bar that has a lot of unexpected items. You can just get the salad bar.

    The other one is (very upscale) Mansion on Turtle Creek. He recently added a vegetarian menu...

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      Scott actually reviewed the vegetarian options at all the top notch fine dining restaurants in Dallas:

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        What an interesting link! I'll go through it carefully. I've gone from zero choices to quite a few. Thanks again! JD

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        Thank you! I've heard of Mansion on TC. I'll check out the veg menu. Sounds perfect actually! Thanks again, JD

      3. You could also try Craft. They have several steaks now on the menu, and 20 or 25 vegetable side dishes that are a la carte. I make a meal of the sides when I go there as they are absolutely delicious and there are so many to try. They are not vegan and I would double check with the server in case any have lurking meat.

        1. My first thought was Stephan Pyles. However, I think the Mansion would be amazing also!