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Aug 11, 2008 06:11 PM

Fast-food items that are even unhealthier than you thought?

While driving home late last night, I stopped off at In-n-Out for a vanilla shake. No complaints there. Then I checked the nutritional information online when I got home, just for curiosity's sake.

YIKES. 700 calories. 25g saturated fat (125% RDA). I knew it wasn't exactly health food, but I didn't expect that.

I'd be curious if any of you have had similar experiences with fast-food items you've ordered (or not ordered) that are surprisingly high on the unhealthy scale, even by fast-food standards. There have to be other "weapons of mass destruction" out there that we can be warned about.

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    1. That's a health drink compared to the Darth Vader of shakes -- Baskin Robbins' large heath bar shake:

      2310 calories, 108g fat (64g saturated).

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      1. re: ferret

        Wow, check out the ingredients list on that--it goes on and on and on. Ironically the first ingredient is reduced fat milk. Why didn't they just go with whole fat milk after all that? I think it's funny that there's a crustacean notice on it--as if anyone might wonder if there would be lobster in it. Seaweed would be something else but crustacean?

        1. re: chowser

          do you believe the audacity of BR ruining a perfectly good shake by throwing reduced fat milk into it? How dare they. Jfood understands that they have Lipitor and epi-pens at the counter.

        2. re: ferret

          Ferret, I was skimming your post too quickly and mis-read the name of the Baskin Robbins item as "health bar shake" (with an "L"). It hurt my brain trying to reconcile an food item with 2310 calories being labeled as "healthy".

          1. re: kmcarr

            That reminds me of the small non-fast food chain called The Chop House, which features a Classic Health Club that is actually a triple decker of turkey breast, ham and bacon with two kinds of cheese and slathered with mayo. At least the bread is whole wheat.

        3. This is why I never drink a shake by myself! Or I make it my main meal of the day.

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          1. re: fallingup

            There are shakes and there are SHAKES. A small chocolate shake contains about 1/4 of the calories in the Heath Bar shake. Not "healthy" by any measure, but a far better choice. Starbucks new chocolate/banana "shake" is pretty good, has added protein and weighs in around 250 calories.

          2. The chicken chili baked potato at Jason's deli. I wasn't expecting health food but I was a bit surprised at just how bad it was
            Thankfully I could only eat abut 1/3 of it...

            1. I find that pretty much all fast food is unhealthier than I once thought. One case in point: Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger: . It has about a third of your RDA of saturated fat and sodium and one fifth the recommended daily calories. These sandwiches are pretty small by burger standards, so that's the biggest reason why the nutritional info so surprising.