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Aug 11, 2008 06:02 PM

Arcadian Court Wedding

I'm thinking about having my wedding here next August (2009). It seems priced reasonably for a downtown venue, which makes me suspicious because it is such a beautiful hall. Does anyone have any insight into how the food is? Has anyone had their wedding there? How was it?

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  1. I attended a wedding there in 1999. It was a very nice and bright venue. As for the food, I remember it was so-so, but a lot people raved about it that night. I have no idea why??? Honestly, I still felt very hungry after the reception. :(

    It's probably because I've been spoiled when it came to wedding receptions. I've attended lots of ethnic wedding banquets and some of them are just amazing. 12 course meals!!! :)

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      That's funny that you were still hungry because I came away from a reception there more stuffed than I have ever been in my life after hors d'oeuvre, appetizer, pasta course, main, salad, and dessert - all served in portions larger than I would have preferred. That was two years ago and the food wasn't show stopping by any means, but I was perfectly satisfied with how the food was prepared.

    2. I threw an event there several years back and I remember the food being average to not-bad. They managed to keep the food at the correct temperature and proper doneness for the masses (read: medium) when it came to the lamb portions. We also had the chicken and veggie option – all portions were reasonable and everyone seemed pleased. They were punctual with service and the hall cannot be matched for the price. They were also accommodating to allow us to have 2 meat options plus the veggie option. I shopped around long and hard to find a venue that would host a large gathering (approximately 400 people) that was downtown and at a reasonable price. One has to keep in mind that it is not a ‘foodie’ venue, but rather somewhere you can get a solid piece of meat/veggies with sides. As long as you keep your expectations in check, the place will suffice. I have been to large banquets at a number of other ‘business class’ hotels in their meeting rooms, and the food was much worse prepared (overdone, over-salted, cold, bland, small portions). The venue itself will make up for the shortfalls in the food IMO. The high ceilings and marble floor is amazing. Chandeliers are also top-notch. Very romantic for a wedding venue. Will look great in photos.

      Once again, it will please the masses, as well as people like myself that realize that you must set expectations at a reasonable level (ie if you are consuming airplane food, you must rate it relative to other airplane foods and not expect Michelin starred dining). A wedding that takes place at a hall is not going to be as food focused as one that occurs in a restaurant. People will realize that sacrifices are sometimes made for food to get the perfect picture (sacrilege for some, I’m sure). I arranged a tasting there before I signed on the dotted line and found that the food served that evening was slightly worse (of course, since they were preparing for 400 people and not just one), but was not too far off – so it may give you a gauge of what to expect. Once again, my information is a bit dated, but hopefully, it is still relevant.

      Cheers and congratulations!

      1. I have had the pleasure, both as a guest and a worker (during my short catering stint).The venue is, indeed, beautiful. The food, nothing to write home about. Now, I hasten to add, it is adequately prepared. It's just nothing special. The whole operation seems to be budget driven and oriented. For example, the food is served, the servers disapear and won't be seen again, except to clean up. It seemed that, most of them had been sent home after the meal was served. If you need anything that isn't on the table, you'll have to get up and find it yourself - there just isn't anyone to ask for it. This was OK for us, we were looking for privacy, and got it. The sweet table was great, with delicate and unusual items - don't know who prepared those. Hot chocolate was also served that evening - spicy mayan something or another, and I must say it was not drinkable. Chalky, grainy, runny mess. It tasted like the ones made from the powdered mix you get in a grocery store, with some hot pepper flakes mixed in afterwards.
        Maybe this can be worked out with your planner - the venue has tons of potential.
        Good luck!