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Aug 11, 2008 05:55 PM

weekday farmers markets?

So I live in Florida, where the vegetables totally stink right now. My sister is flying down in a couple weeks and I'm wonderin if there are any farmers markets downtown during the week? Mostly interested in heirloom tomatoes....any ideas?

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  1. There are two downtown markets open on Tuesday and two others open on Thursday. Locations and times are here....

    I have not been to any of the downtown markets so I can't say what their tomato selection is like, but the Green City Market in Lincoln Park on Wednesdays (an Saturdays) usually has a decent selection.

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      I was at the farmers' market at the Daley Center last Thursday and the tomato selection appeared ample. Can't say if any were "heirloom" as tomatoes were not on my list that day, so I did not look closely.

      1. re: LabRat

        I love the Green City Market...try it out! YUMMY

        1. re: sleopold

          Me too!

          I was just there -- bought striped beets, arugula, white peaches, French green beans, and more -- and I ran into Stephanie Izzard, Top Chef winner, who was also shopping.

      2. There's a farmer's market at Federal Plaza on Tuesday, and I saw heirloom tomatoes at the Daley Center on Thursday, although not a huge selection. As you can imagine, the selection does increase in the next month or so.

        1. Well, I work across the street from the Tuesday, Federal Plaza Farmer's Market (Dearborn between Jackson and Adams, btw).

          Today, Tuesday August 12, peaches seemed like the big item. There were tomatoes at a few stands but I really didn't pay that close attention.

          1. The best IMHO is

            City Farm The organic farmers at this urban training project use recycled materials and land leased from the city, selling only what they grow on-site. Offerings include more than 30 varieties of heirloom, paste, roasting, cherry, and red slicing tomatoes. Arrow 6/5-10/25, 3-6 PM, 1240 N. Clybourn,