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Aug 11, 2008 05:35 PM

Building on Bond?

Anyone been? How is it?

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  1. I just went this morning! It's very nice on the inside, butcher block counters, lots of seating, kind of a unfinished raw wood feeling. They serve coffee and pastries in the morning, and the chalkboard sign out front says cocktails and light snacks in the evening. Supposed to be open from 7 AM to 1 AM. A small coffee is $2, and it's pretty good.

    When I went, it was nicely busy. There a few people sitting at the counter bar, reading a paper, and about 6 sitting at the tables and chatting. The chatter is kind of loud, I think they should have music on in the morning. It looks like a nice place to meet a friend for coffee, but I don't know if it's a "bring my laptop and work" kind of a place. There seems to be something going on in the shop next door, but it seems like a work in progress.

    Really great and USEFUL addition to the neighborhood though, I'm just glad it's not another antique/furniture/green clothing shop.

    1. Nice coffee in the morning - both brewed and espresso. They play good music and have strong WiFi signal. At night they have a good selection of beer and other drinks. Great decor and atmosphere. Supposedly they're going to serve food but it hasn't happened yet.

      1. I heard they started serving food....any thoughts? would it be a good place for bday drinks and food for a party of 8?

        1. We finally ate at Building on Bond the other evening and am sorry to report that the food was disappointingly sub-par.
          I want to point out I really wanted to like this place and was so incredibly excited when they first started working on it. My first disappointment came after I tried their coffee. It just isn't that good, was served by people who did nothing to hide their disdain for their boss and is painfully overpriced (Blue Marble or Moon are much better options). When I finally saw their tempting menu posted on their door, I hoped against hope that I would be pleasantly surprised by their food.
          I decided to wait a few weeks to try it, to give their kitchen a chance to get it together.
          Here's the report:
          The Greek salad we ordered tasted stale and was Greek by way of Des Moines.
          The dressing was thick and gloopy and had a strange flavor that I couldn't place.
          Lemon and olive oil with a dash of salt mixed in just before serving would have been perfect.
          The pistachio-crusted chicken breast was drowning in oil. Why? The mashed potatoes were tasteless, but the broccoli garnish was surprisingly flavorful.
          The veggie burger was mealy and greasy. It was served with terrible, old-tasting sprouts and some kind of sun-dried tomato pesto. It was like you were being punished for ordering the veggie burger, which I'll admit is kinda a lame thing to order. What can I say, we wanted to see how the other half (vegetarians) live. Now we feel even more sorry for them.
          On a positive note, the bun was pretty good and the pickle tasted like the delicious garlic pickles I remember eating as a kid. It was the highlight of the entree.
          The mac and cheese was OK. Not like Momma's, or Dumont, or Nolita House (which one of my dining partners said was delicious.), but I guess you could say it was the best of the worst.
          I'm so glad we decided to skip the rib eye.
          The prices would be considered reasonable, IF the food was good. But I'd rather eat my own shitty cooking then waste $$ and calories on a half-assed meal in a restaurant.
          The interior is interesting and inviting but not completely functional. A thick electric cord hangs from a pulley on the ceiling directly onto a table for two. We kept watching people being seated there and asking to be moved. A table in the back seats patrons against a wall of industrial metal drawers. It looks cute, but doesn't seem very comfortable.
          I will absolutely come here to meet a friend for a drink, or to work on my laptop and sip tea during the day, but can't imagine how that will support this business.
          I really would like to see them succeed. This place has the potential to become a neighborhood institution if they start to serve inexpensive, decent-tasting comfort food. My advice is for the owners/cooks to swing by the Waterfront Ale House, order a few of their entrees and start taking notes.

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          1. re: chubbie

            Third-hand hearsay: two reports on the Boerum Hill egroup were strongly positive. Hmmm. I will report as soon as I eat there, although I have to agree that the coffee is not great -- muddy and bitter.

            1. re: BklnChicken

              I ate there the other night with Mr. Chicken and the little chicks. We had good food and a nice time.

              The burger was really, REALLY tasty. It's made with chorizo. Juicy and very flavorful.

              The mac-n-cheese was good although not particularly saucy.

              The burger did not come with fries, alas, but we ordered a plate for the table. I don't remember them that strongly, so I'm guessing they were OK.

              From a kid point of view, the menu was very limited (it's small from any point of view), the wait was long, and the mac-n-cheese was served ER-visit hot.

              We'll be back.

          2. I assume this place is on Bond Street, but could you say where specifically?

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