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Aug 11, 2008 05:07 PM

Exactly how long does tahini paste last?

I have a jar, purchased about a year ago from a local Middle Eastern market. It's been refrigerated since I opened it. Is it still safe to use? This recipe is sounding really good to me tonight:

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  1. Heh...I think that since it's been in the fridge, you're fine...can't hurt to taste a little on your finger, though, to check for rancidity. I cannot believe how much that stuff has jumped in price, by the way...I went to make hummus this weekend and thought I should replace my can that's been on my shelf for about 5 or 6 months now...darned thing now costs $7.00 at Publix!!!! I said "no way" and used my older tahini, which tastes fine but it's almost gone now. The brand I have is Joyva...will check this out at the Asian grocery store over the weekend...I think Publix is just flat-out ripping folks off on some things...the Goya Extra Virgin Olive oil I bought at Target was $3.89...Publix had it for $8.99, same size come on!

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      I have used tehini for many years and have never had a problem if it going bad. I buy a large container from a company in NY for about $10.00.

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        I saw it for $7.99 at a produce store and said, "No way, I'll make it myself" I looked it up, it's just 1 cup of sesame seeds roasted in the oven at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes, and then blend with about 1/4 cup of olive oil--give or take depending on desired consistency...that's it! I can get a very large container of sesame seeds for 3.99, about 4 cups. Google it!

      2. As far as I know, like Val said, it should be fine as long as it has been in fridge. I use Tahini a lot and it seems to last forever (almost forever). :)

        1. I'm happy to say that the tahini smelled and tasted fine, and that I seem to be alive and fully functioning today. The salad was tasty and easy too.

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            Having had it go bad in my fridge before (it was probably in there for way longer than you want to think about), I can promise me that you WILL know when it has gone bad....

          2. I am sorry if this is off the original subject, but I bought Tahini once, and it was so hard, I couldn't stir or hardly spoon it out of the jar. I ended up throwing it out, as I thought it was bad. Is it always like that? If so, how do you work with it. I wanted to make Hummus also. thanks in advance.

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              The can I'm almost done with is my first can of tahini..Joyva brand, 15 ounces. It's a little like natural peanut butter...the oil separates and sits on top of the paste so you have to mix it in til smooth each time you use it. (Well, that's how I did it anyway.) That can I bought at Publix supermarket by the Kosher items...but I can't wait to go to the Asian market to try to find it...doesn't have to be the same brand but that price at Publix just killed me. I really love making my own hummus and I don't use a ton of the tahini in mine, maybe a tablespoon or so per 15 ounce can of drained chickpeas, nor do I use any olive oil. But, I love for my hummus to have a bright, lemony flavor without much salt so I tend to use lots of lemon in it. Each to her'll love making your own hummus. Oh, and there's a nice tahini salad dressing recipe on the Joyva can that we've also enjoyed for a change up from our homemade balsamic dressing.'s a link to recommended brands of tahini just in case you can find these...sheesh! There's the Joyva...glad I just happened to find a good brand my first time around...I would have bought whatever they had on the shelf:

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                Thank you, Val, and Drucie. The Tahini I bought was the Joyva (from Cost Plus World Market) and it was so thick/hard, I couldn't hardly stir it. So I will try it again, and maybe add some water to it. Thanks so much!

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                  Don't add water to a jar of all-sesame, unprepared tahini that you buy, it could grow mold. I'm not sure you were planning on doing that, I might have misunderstood the post, but just in case.

                  Mostly I try to find other people, who are more interested in a cardio/upper body workout than myself, when it comes to stirring up a jar of tahini.

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                    I take it all out of the can or jar and put it in my FP, mix it up really good, then return it to the original container and refrigerate. It kind of solidifies that way and doesn't separate as easy.

            2. I keep tahini (opened and unopened) on a closet shelf, and hate to say, it doesnt go bad, even at room temp in my experience. Has sat there for years. so dont worry about your refrigerated jar. If the tahini has separated usually you can just turn it upside down for a few days to recombine. Or scrape out some of the hard part and add some of the oil in the food processer with the water. lemon etc (if you are making tahini sauce, hummus, etc)