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Aug 11, 2008 04:56 PM

Cheap eats near Goodge Street

As a change from the more expensive eateries on Charlotte Street, here are two very good, very traditional English options near Goodge Street station.

I went into Gig's (12 Tottenham Street) after noticing the long queue outside at 11 on a Friday night, after a couple of pints in the Hope. A large, lightly fried, blisteringly hot piece of cod, in a nice crispy batter, with excellent, quite thickly cut chips. After adding salt, good mayonnaise and vinegar, I felt as if I was by the sea. Kebabs also looked good, and are cooked on charcoal.

I've been going to Fresco, right next to the station, on and off for ten years. The sandwiches are fairly standard, but the breakfasts are excellent and they're generous about giving you exactly what you ask for. Very good back bacon, cooked on a ridged grill, which gives the thin slices nice char marks. Tomatoes and mushrooms are also nicely charred. And the poached eggs are properly cooked, which makes a nice change. (Had very bad scrambled--microwaved and rigid--eggs at Marino's on Rathbone place a couple of days earlier.)

At the higher end, I'll happily add to the paeans of praise that Salt Yard has been receiving. We had snacks rather than a full meal, so I didn't get to try a very wide range of the menu. From a limited survey, it seemed as if some of the basic options were the best--particularly the juicy chorizo sausage in a sweet vinegary reduction, and the excellent charcuterie meats.

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  1. Thanks for these. I'm 5 mins away from here and am always on the lookout for cheaper eats. Have you tried the set lunches at Yoisho on Goodge St? It started opening for lunch recently, so I tried it. It's really good value (under £7 for most options, including rice, miso soup and salad) and the portions are a good size.

    Helen Yuet Ling Pang

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      Have you tried the Giaconda Dining Room yet? Not very far from Goodge St just off Charing Cross Road opposite Foyles. We went there last night and were quite impressed. It's well-cooked bistro fare served in a very simple room with sweet, friendly staff. My tuna steak with lentils and bread salad was excellent, and cooked just how I asked for it (medium rare). I had beetroot and leeks vinaigrette salad with goat's curd as a starter, which would have been much better had the vegetables been room temperature rather than straight out of the fridge. Mr GG said his steak (again cooked to perfection) with mushrooms and red wine sauce was lovely, and I stole a few of his chips, which were good examples of their kind. He also liked his starter of chilled red pepper soup. We skipped pudding, but had chocolate truffles with our tea/coffee - delicious, and good value at 4 for £2.

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        Italia Uno is pretty much the best lunch deal on the block. I live in that place during the school year.