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Aug 11, 2008 04:53 PM

tasty eggplant parm in Arlington

Two people had told me about the eggplant parm at Francesca's Kitchen on Mass Ave in East Arlington, so a friend and I went tonight. It is a little storefront with all the ambience of a House of Pizza, but the eggplant parm was really pretty much the eggplant parm of my dreams. It is baked, no breading, lots of eggpant enhanced, not masked, by cheese and a non-sweet sauce. It comes with a choice of pasta, one of which was homemade cavatelli, which was also excellent and perfectly cooked al dente. My friend was smart and got just the eggplant parm with pasta. I fell for the eggplant parm-chicken parm combo with pasta (each dinner was $8.95). The chicken parm was as meh as the eggplant parm was fabulous. I will be back early and often for that eggplant parm though. I will emphasize that this is not destination dining and who knows if anything else is good. but the service was cheerful, there was San Pelligrino in the drinks cooler and oh that eggplant....

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  1. thanks for sharing! i'm always looking for baked eggplant parm

    1. I tried Francesca's last year after reading this 2008 rave .. What a boring flavorless thing it was. sigh.

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          ... which is why it's appreciated when people report in with new information on older recommendations.