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Aug 11, 2008 03:55 PM

Yogurt question

Hi all,
My mom had made her own yogurt for over 40 years now. The last batch she made though developed a pinkish/red tint (mold?) on top.
Does anyone know why this happened and whats wrong with it?


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  1. She has a bacteria infection. Sterilize everything and use a new, uncontaminated starter.

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    1. re: Father Kitchen

      I just today made homemade yogurt in my slow cooker (fourth batch so far this year), and many of the curds--I think the ones that weren't on top--have a pinkish or pale tan tinge. Is that also caused by a problem with random bacteria? I washed the slow cooker and lid really well right before starting the yogurt, and used a freshly opened store-bought starter and some milk that had been opened the previous day. I also put in some honey and powdered milk at the beginning. Thought I'd ask here because I'm scared to eat it! Thank you.

    2. Yep, pink or red = bad bacteria! Bummer. Time to start over!