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Aug 11, 2008 03:53 PM

Dona Maria Mexican in Suffern: Terrible Lunch

Well, even the recs on chowhound sometime strike out. After a few positive reviews I decided to drive out of my way for lunch at Dona Maria in Suffern. Looked nice on the outside but encountered a bit of a dump when through the doors. The tortilla soup although large and cheap ($3), was almost inedible. The two chicken enchiladas consisted solely of cheap dark meat chicken. No taste. Black beans were also below par. There is "authentic" Mexican and then there is this. Anything positive? Well, the waitress had a nice smile and the service was good but then I was virtually the only customer at 1 pm. Whenever I strike out like this I try to make up for it with a little treat. Headed straight straight over the Tappan Zee Bridge to Coffee Lab in Tarrytown for a large cappuccino. Did the trick!

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  1. hate to tell you, but dark meat makes the best enchiladas. coffee lab does have a great cup of jo though, so i have to agree with you there.

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      We used to go to Dona Maria whenever we had a craving for some mexican.. at least up until a few months ago when we had a flat out terrible meal. Don't know if they have a new kitchen staff or what but it was nowhere near the same quality as prior visits. And i'm not talking about just preparation, the ingredients themselves seems pretty poor.

    2. I went here for the first time about a month ago also based on the recommendations here and elsewhere. Food brought out minutes after ordering. Food was horrible! Nuked bland chicken in my enchiladas with no other ingredients. Had with mole sauce which had an overwhelming burnt taste. The only positive that we had was a free little coffee drink given to us at the end which was good but it didn't get that burnt taste out of my mouth so we had to resort to DQ to shake the taste.

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