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Aug 11, 2008 03:42 PM

Best Place for....

I will be going to NO this week and I'm looking to eat everything possible :)

Me and my buddy are very adventurous eaters and would like to sample some of the "only in New Orleans" types of food. Whether the restaurant is fancy or a hole in the wall, expensive or dirt-cheap, we have no preference. Any and all recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

So, what do you feel is the Best Place for....

-Turtle Soup (seems like Commander's)
-Anything Alligator Related
-Crawdads (maybe not in season?)
-Seafood (oyster and shrimp in particular)
-Spiciest Cajun/Creole Dishes
-General Breakfast
-After Hours/Late Night

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Turtle Soup: Grand Isle
    Catfish: Cafe Atchafalaya
    Seafood (boiled): The Galley
    Oyster Bars: Pascal's Manale, Desire Oyster Bar, Acme, Felix's, Drago's
    Crawfish: not in season

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      1. re: heavy d

        Definitely Commander's for turtle soup. Lunch in the garden room with 25 cent martinis. M-F
        Late night: Mimis in the Marigny
        NOLA is a great seafood town. It would be harder to find a rest. without it than with. it. Try Parkway Bakery for a shrimp poboy. Bozo's (Metairie) for oyster po boy. Only in New Orleans type food, go to Cochon and have an all appetizer meal. I like to have my oysters 1/2 shell standing at the bar in Felix's. Wash them down with an Abita Amber. Pick up a muff. from Central Grocery for the road. Stop by Mr. B's for their Gumbo Ya-Ya and BBQ shrimp (another only in NOLA). Brigtsen's also for a taste of NOLA. Thanks for coming and enjoy!

      1. re: N.O.Food

        Middendorf's requires a 45 min. drive from NOLA out to Manchac, but worth the trip if you have a car.

      2. Great suggestions, thanks!

        Felix's, Mr B's, and Cochon here I come!