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Aug 11, 2008 03:30 PM

Newburgh, NY and Environs

We'll be staying up near Woodbury Commons (Highland Mills) for a couple of weeks. Please don't make me eat at Gasho of Japan. Do you know of any good Indian/Mexican (not Tex-Mex)/ South American, ANYTHING that's cheapish, but real and good somewhere in the Hudson Valley region--Middletown, Goshen, all the way to Newburgh.. Please, no fusion, no wine bars...anyplace that will make me miss Queens.

Thank you so much. (My kids might not thank you, but they'll learn!)

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  1. machu picchu in newburgh...

    1. If in the Newburgh area go to Wappingers Falls NY ALL you can EAT buffet next to CVS - great or the I84 diner or in Fishkill also nearby on Route 9 you can find different restuarants along the line. If you like to travel a little further to peekskill NY a little restaurant called EL CISNE for great South American food. The shrimp bisque(SANGO de camarones) is fantastic. All are reasonably priced for a couple or a familly. In Beacon NY there is a great Jamaican restaurant on Main street - do the little shops, maybe hike up MT Beacon see beautiful views of the hudson. Enjoy a day in the Riverfront park.....Try the Buddhist monastery in Wappingers Falls near Boudoin Park. If out and about for the day Palaia Wineries you can even take the kids, the outside courtyard eat BBQ, listen to music, buy a bottle. Food and bottle all are reasonably priced.

      1. I totally agree with Macchu Picchu. Tanjore in Fishkill has fabulous Indian food. Bukhara Bistro in Vails Gate (New Windsor) is good, though not nearly as good as Tanjore. I like Anna's in the City of Newburgh for lunch...good gyros and some other Greek stuff. If you are on Broadway in Newburgh during the later afternoon, evening hours there is a great taco cart in front of Family Dollar at the intersection of Broadway and Fullerton. Pete's Hot Dogs on South William Street in Newburgh is a great old reliable spot...great hot dogs with Texas sauce.

        992 Main St, Fishkill, NY 12524

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          I agree about the taco cart -- this is two or three miles off of I-87 on Route 17K (which becomes Broadway). I stumbled across it by accident, trying to avoid Thruway traffic. I was there last night around 11 p.m. and they were open. On a Sunday! At 11! I got two $2 tacos (carne asada, if I remember correctly) that came with onions, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, intense and powerful hot sauce, etc., served up by two nice gentlemen from Oaxaca, Mexico. Really good stuff.

          I thought Newburgh's very old-fashioned run-down downtown area along that road was strangely charming.

        2. Also, there is a place on upper Broadway in Newburgh that sells jerk chicken and other Jamaican stuff. I believe it's called Eddy's. I've never been but have been tempted to stop.