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Jun 25, 2003 11:58 PM

La Barbera's pizza Santa Monica

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back in the day, (80's) La Barbera's pepperoni pizza was my favorite. Wilshire Blvd @ Barrington. But as the song says, if I may so bold to paraphrase "they took paradise and put up a parking lot (and a mini mall)." I have not found pizza made in that style (bountious salami style pepperoni under the cheese) any where else, though I look far and wide. does anyone have a heads up for me?

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  1. I think Domenico's (various SGV locations) is your best bet. They don't have the salami style pepperoni, but otherwise good pizza. My memory is vague but Shakey's may have the style pepperoni you are seeking.

    1. May I suggest you go to your favorite pizzeria and ask for an "upside down pizza." No doubt you'll get a blank stare, so explain that you want your sauce and/or your pepperoni on bottom with the cheese on top. If you like the bounteous amount of toppings La Barbera used to pile on, just ask for extra cheese, extra pepperoni, etc. Let us know where you tried and whether they custom-made your pizza the way you like.

      BTW, what is salami style pepperoni, and are there other styles?

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        I'm not a pepperoni or a pizza expert. I just know what I like. b/t/w last night I had a roasted garlic and sausage pizza at Casa Bianca of Eagle Rock and it was awesome. almost all the pepperoni I've ever had has been aged / dried, and the maximum diameter of the chub is perhaps 1-1 1/2". La Barbera's used a chub that was less dried, bigger maybe 2 1/2", and they sliced it on an angle so the slices were football shaped and 3 1/2" long.
        If you know anyone that went to UCLA in the early 80's ask them if they remember this place.

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          I didn't go to UCLA but I grew up in WLA. La Barbera's existed as far back as the mid to late 1950's. It was very good and I remember the huge mounds of cheese on the pizzas.

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            OK, so I'm posting to a year-old thread. That's what happens when your mind wanders, and you go searching on the internet for a favorite long-lost pizza from your youth!

            I was at UCLA in the '70s, and yes, La Barbera's was one of the absolute favorite pizzas I've ever had. I think I "discovered" it from a small ad in the Daily Bruin, or maybe it was the yellow pages.

            I usually ordered a combo pizza, never just pepperoni. But I remember telling some co-workers about La Barbera's during a brief part-time job I had back then in Beverly Hills...they started salivating and asked me to go pick-up a pepperoni pizza to go. So I did. Brought it back to work, opened the box, instant disappointment all around. "We asked for pepperoni, not just plain cheese!!"

            Then they bit into it anyway -- practically a pepperoni sandwich, covered so thick with cheese that none of the pepperoni was visible from the surface.

            La Barbera's won a few converts that day...

            Scott (now in Texas, with hundreds of bad pizza places, and precious few good ones)

          2. re: Bob G

            I worked for General Telephone during the late 70's
            and many of my nights were spent at La Barbera's. The
            best pizza I've ever had. I recently went to L.A.
            searching for the place and was also disappointed to
            find a darn parking lot. What happened to this great
            establishment. There should be a law against such
            things happening. Is there another place to enjoy
            a great pizza?

        2. It's location was Wilshire Blvd. in West Los Angeles. Santa Monica is a couple of miles west..

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            I stand corrected on the city, since I moved to SFV I think of everything west of the 405 as SM, but to be honest, I never was clear on the borders of West LA. Is there really an official West LA, or is it just a catch all for everything in that area that is not Westwood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice or Culver City?

            1. re: Bob G

              There is an official West LA, it's part of the city. It's south of Brentwood and north of Pico but the city can give you exact borders (think 90025).

              back to food (what happened to all those posts that hated the Montrose bbq?)

          2. Here's a somewhat recent thread re La Barbera's with some recommendations for something similar, along with some anecdotes.


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              thanks, that thread was helpful