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Aug 11, 2008 03:21 PM

Appetizer needed ...

A friend is having a Wine tasting party and I offered to bring an appetizer. What should I make? It can be anything....but it needs to be a finger food. More high brow than not. Please include the recipe.

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  1. an easy finger food that's sure to please is mini caprese skewers. use grape tomatoes, slice in half, skewer on toothpicks around mini fresh mozzarella balls, half or third of a sundried tomato (the herb marinated ones are really good for this) and a folded basil leaf. also good for extra flavor is a half kalamata olive. include a small bowl of balsamic for dipping.

    easy, and you don't have to worry about the temperature or cooking it at the host's house.

    be sure to salt the exposed cut side of the tomatoes before skewering!

    1. I recently went to a party and brought prosciutto and cheese puff pastry pinwheels that went over well. They were an adaptation of a Mary Ann Esposito recipe and easy as can be. Let me know if you need a recipe and I'll post.

      1. gougeres would be great. Make them cheese flavoured.

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          This is not meant to be smart-ass question - are there gougeres that aren't cheese flavoured? It's a great idea since they reheat well too.

          1. re: MMRuth

            Well, that is a good question, isn't it! :) Just added that, just in case!

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              Not that I'm aware of! Without cheese, they would just be pate a choux -- plain old cream puff shells.

          2. Make a few dozen blinis, top with store bought smoked salmon and some pepper, dollop of creme fraiche, sprinkle of chives.

            1. Do you know what types of wine your friends is putting out? That might be the best place to start as certain flavors can overwhelm certain wines or highlight undesirable flavors in a wine.