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Aug 11, 2008 03:07 PM

Portland: Park Kitchen or Sel Gris?

I'll be in Portland for one night & am having dinner with an old friend ...I've poked through the posts and thought I'd narrow scope and find out what Portlanders think about these 2: Park KItchen or Sel Gris?

Some background:
I'll be driving down from Seattle so the location in town isn't a consideration
I'm a total foodie, my friend is a wine buff and we've not seen each other in a very long time so great food, nice list and a table that is ours alone are all important.
For reference in Seattle I eat at Quinn's, Monsoon, Lark, Sitka & Spruce .... but also love a great frenchie bistro.

Any thoughts-insights would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Have not been to Park Kitchen in a long while, but have enjoyed meals there. They also have some tables outside and if the weather permits that is nice. The food I've had there has been good and well prepared with quality ingredients, if their menu appeals go for it.
    Sel Gris has been great, in fact beyond great but they are a little wobbly right now. If their chef Dan Mondok is back from vacation it could be a great choice.

    Other places to think about, Carlyle I like a whole bunch especially now with the kitchen under the command of Chez Panisse alum Jake Martin. I think the wine and food and setting of Carlyle might be the choice for your trip. Whereever you choose have a great time.

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    1. re: Mallory

      hey mallory,
      thank you so much for suggesting Carlyle! I'm flattered to even be mentioned here but I just want to make a correction regarding my previous employment. I never worked at Chez Panisse, most of my experience comes out of seattle kitchens. thanks again. jake

      1. re: jakemartin

        Oh sorry, I don't know why I thought that then. For some reason I always thought you worked there. Well in any event, lucky for Portland that you are here.

    2. I'm not a Portlander, but I've been to both of those places, and I think in many ways I like Park Kitchen best. Sel Gris was fantastic, but I preferred the more relaxed vibe at Park Kitchen, and I found the food more straighforwardly yummy and less of a production.

      Also, at Sel Gris I really think the chef's table is the place to be, as opposed to a private two top, but I haven't had a chance to compare the experience.

      1. I agree with Mallory, go to Carlyle. Had a great meal there a week ago with Jake Martin in the kitchen, they haven't skipped a beat. Parking is also easiest here.

        I like Sel Gris food-wise, but the space is small and a bit cramped and not really conducive to lingering and chatting with a friend.

        I've never had a bad meal at Carlyle, but I have at Park Kitchen...a couple, in fact...and I have often had bad/mediocre service there as well.

        1. If your friends a wine buff, then your better bet is to skip either and go to Ten-01; best wine list in the city.