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Aug 11, 2008 03:04 PM

Hoosick Falls Suggestions

I'm headed to Hoosick Falls on the 12th (tomorrow), I seem to remember that there's a good restaurant on or near the Main St but that's about all I can recall.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. Hoosick? Nothing. Drive to Bennington.

    1. You are probably thinking of Babson's Classic Cafe which is, sadly, no more.
      If you're not locked-in on a totally chowish destination you might stop in at The Man of Kent on RT 7 in Hoosick. Always a great roadhouse with lots of ales on tap and a more than decent selection of wines as well. The new owner Jon, is from Kevin at Mike's Place III in N. Bennington, VT and has brought along one of their chef's and additional crew. They've been upgrading the pub menu and know what they're doing. Tomorrow probably won't be one of those days but they also have a great beer garden.

      BTW, If you do stop in please tell Jon (NYY's fan) that his favorite Sox fan, Boston Gene, said hello and thanks for the MOK shirt and that it looks just great with the Red Sox hat :-0).

      But as Hicksville said, if you're looking for gourmand you're looking at Bennington.


      Man of Kent Tavern & Cafe
      4452 State Route 7, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090

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        Thanks for both suggestions. Decided to head to Manchester instead.
        I did see a BBQ / Bowling Alley on Route 22 which looked interesting to say the least. Anyone tried it?

        And the Man of Kent was a favorite stop when I made that run more regularly. Always a fun place.