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Aug 11, 2008 02:52 PM

South St. CheeseSteak-input?

My buddy from Philly said this is the best spot for CheeseSteak Sandwiches, any input would be great?



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  1. Living adjacent to Westwood Village, I am quite familiar with the South Street there. They do a serviceable Philly cheesesteak, which is improved greatly with the addition of some hot sauce. Their combo, with a small order of fries, side salad, and soft drink, is a better value than the sandwich alone. They have had some trouble maintaining an "A" rating from the health inspectors. South Street is not as bad as many of the vitriolic posts on this board would indicate.

    But it is far from the best in town. See a couple of recent threads on this board. My favorite is Big Mike's in El Segundo. Also far superior is Philly West just south of Santa Monica Blvd. on Westwood. I admit I haven't tried the favorite from further east in town, Fredo's. Even the chain Philly's Best gets more love than South Street.

    1. Stuart,

      Skip it. The one in Burbank has housekeeping problems and attitude problems and the steak just isn't good enough to justify it. The last couple of times I've been were, well, the last couple of times. You'll do so much better at Philly's Best on Olive.

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        Agreed Ubergeek. Service is arrogant and often non-existent. Food is ill-prepared... the last two times I went, the cheese wasn't even melted on the meat and the bread was basic, crusty French bread (the cheap, thin kind) from your average grocery store. Very disappointing experience considering the great beginnings of this restaurant in Westwood.

        I've had pretty good cheesteak at Philly's Best (owners are very nice and the food is consistently prepared with authentic, quality ingredients) and Fredo's in Pasadena.

        South Street is pretty much gone from my book of places to find cheesesteak sandwiches. Don't bother.

      2. Basically dry and flavorless. Even the Cheezwiz has very little taste.

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        1. re: oldusedcop

          Which is amazing, because it comes out of the freaking can, I've seen it happen, but you're right, it tastes like wet grout.

        2. I've only eaten at Philly's Best in Burbank, so I can't reccomend in comparison. They make some good cheesesteaks though. I always order a side of Tastycakes to complete the Philly experience. The Propietors are always nice too. Make sure you get a sandwich card on your first visit.The Glendale location is supposed to open soon, so that will be closer to me then Burbank.

          1. For what it's worth, South St. has the dubious honor of sharing the second-lowest service rating in the 2008 Zagat with 12 points (the loser and still champion with 11, Father's Office in Santa Monica).

            Okay, so I'm not from Philly, but my friend who hails from there agrees with me that the best cheesesteak hoagie to be found in L.A. is Philadelphia Sandwiches in the NoHo Arts District.

            Philadelphia Sandwiches
            11112 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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            1. re: maxzook

              I've been to both -- Philadelphia Sandwiches is a close second to Philly's Best for SFV's best cheesesteak.