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Aug 11, 2008 02:52 PM

Prune or Dovetail or Allen & Delancey

Planning on a meal in a few weeks and have narrowed it down to these 3. Dovetail's $38 sunday suppa does sound like a great deal. Neil Ferguson has been getting a lot of press with his work here post At The London. Gabrielle Hamilton makes food cooks want to eat....

I can't decide, help sway my opinion. Have to book soon since A&D gets filled rather quick.

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  1. I have only been to Dovetail and Allen & Delancey. I'd go to Dovetail, $38 is hard to beat.

    1. I've only been to Prune and A&D. My vote is for A&D. But the $38 supper at Dovetail sounds tempting ...

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        My experience at Dovetail was mixed. If it was downtown I'd still go back for the $38 supper. Miss Needle, what did you have at Allen & Delancey? Maybe we just went on an off night or ordered wrong. My friend did love her bone marrow. Otherwise the service was better than the food. She won't go back. Maybe I should try again? Your thoughts? thanks, fdr

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          I did have the famed bone marrow (which I loved, but DH didn't). We also ordered the signature hamachi with grapefruit. DH really liked it -- I thought it was good but honestly overrated for a signature dish. The foie gras appetizer was wonderful as well as the lamb chops entree. I think it's a very meat centric restaurant. I agree with sam's assessment that it's a better restaurant for the fall/winter -- rich, hearty and cozy. I also feel that the ambiance is also better suited for the fall/winter as opposed to the spring/summer as there's a bit of a goth element to the decor. The lighter summer dish just didn't wow me at all. Of course, this is just based on one visit. But I've eaten at L'Arpege in Paris (where Henderson cooked at) and didn't really jive with a lot of seafood preparations because I just thought it was a bit too sweet.

          What did you order when you were there?

          1. re: Miss Needle

            Thanks, Miss Needle. I don't eat red meat and they didn't have the hamachi grapefruit on the menu (I wanted to try it based on reviews). We had the foie gras app which was very good. Nothing else was memorable and we were so disappointed we walked over to Falai for dessert. Their passion fruit souffle made us feel better. Maybe we could have ordered better or it's just too meat centric for me. Maybe I should give A&D another chance - a cocktail and app at the bar. The first time we went in the winter (it's so dark, cozy and candle lit inside) for drinks and the ice cold Frangelico was a nice touch.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Ah! That may explain why you weren't too crazy about the place. I forgot that you don't eat red meat. I think they're mainly known for their meat dishes. I hope you get to try the signature hamachi dish one day. I liked it but thought it was a bit too hyped up.

      2. all three are rather different. allen and delancey is more of a fall/winter place in my opinion. amazing food but its dark and has no windows which isnt really good in the summer. id also only go there on a date.

        dovetail is better for was good but not great in my opinion. service wise - they were unsure if they were a fine dining establishment or a neighborhood joint in my opinion.

        prune is cramped and expensive for the quality in my opinion.

        consider perilla as an alternative...otherwise, id go with a & d.

        1. Never been to Dovetail.

          Prune is loud and bright and cramped and to be honest? I didn't love my meal there.

          Allen & Delancey is solid food, very lovely room... but with more of a cozy winter vibe (similar to the lobby of the Bowery Hotel.)

          Any 4th choice?


          1. I'm not familiar with Prune, but of the other two, both of which I like, I would choose Dovetail. I agree with the others that A&D is more a winter place.