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Aug 11, 2008 02:46 PM

Best of Chinatown

Visiting the city and will be staying down in Soho. Would like a recommendation for a great Chinese restaurant. Years ago Peking Duck House was considered good. Still?


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  1. Ping's Seafood for dimsum. Amazing 66 for lunch or dinner. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for ice cream and Tai Pan Bakery for amazing baked goods.

    1. I'm a big fan of Nha Trang (the one on Baxter St next to the italian place, not the one a block west) for excellent pho and Vietnamese spring rolls (haven't actually tried much else on the menu...) Then go across the street to Dragon Land Bakery for bubble tea.

      1. I didn't like Peking Duck House. Even their signature dish didn't really wow me. While I love Shanghainese places like Nice Green Bo, I think some of the best food in Manhattan comes from Grand Sichuan, which has a location not far from SoHo on 7th Avenue South. There is even better if you're willing to travel a bit more. Chinatown, however, is worth it for its profusion of fantastic Chinese snack foods: