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Aug 11, 2008 02:44 PM

Teriburgers/Teribeef sandwiches?

So I was reading the thread about the hamburgers and it got me thinking about my favorite burgers growing up - Kenny's Teri burgers (with cheese!). I also loved teri beef sandwiches (thin sliced teri beef on white bread or a bun with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese). Other then Kennys (is it still there in Kam shopping center?), where can I feed my craving for yummy teri beef sandwiches or teriburgers? Twenty years ago there was a great hole in the wall on Ft. Street Mall that made them - but that doesn't really help me now. Am I the only one who loves these burgers?

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  1. I believe Kenny's Restaurant is still there although its been years since I ate there, but Kenny's Drive-in is long gone (I loved their teri beef sandwiches, was it called SuzyQ?). Anyway, there is W&M on Waialae Avenue for teri burgers and sandwiches, just be warned that parking is a real issue there. Rainbow Drive-In in Kapahulu has a pretty good bbq beef sandwich. I'm sure there are others as well.

    1. Curious is right about the bbq beef sandwhich (the bbq steak on a bun) at rainbow drive in and the burgers at W&M as well. Check out the Hank's special at W& of their burgers with bbq meat (teri) on top. (closed monday).

      1. Diamond Head Market & Grill makes a good teri beef sandwich (cheese is extra). Their fries are good too!

        And no, you are not the only one who loves teriburger/teribeef with cheese! =)

        1. Yum, those all sound good. I'll check them out when I'm in town.