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ideas for 'doctoring' peanut-butter

I like peanut butter. And I appreciate creative/unusual food ideas. So It occurred to me that peanut butter may be just waiting for some interesting 'doctoring'. I have some ideas, like adding cinnamon, adding coconut, obviously chocolate/cocoa...

But I was wondering if anyone already has experience in this. Any recommendations? Flavour combos that work for you here? What would you spread this on?

Experimentation suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Honey is a natural, as is Steen's cane syrup (or Lyle's golden syrup). Thinking in the salty/savory direction, I like thai-style peanut sauces w/chili, garlic, fish sauce, and a little lime & sugar.

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    1. Nutella.


      Wasabi (for a little kick)

      Of course, there's always the stand-bys like marshmallow (or fluff), bananas, etc.

      1. Mix peanut butter with salsa and serve it over steamed greens (we use collards or kale) and potatoes. It's based on masamba from Malawi, Africa.

        1. Well, for sandwiches or crackers add sliced pickles. No kidding, if you like pickles it is a delicious combination.

          There is also the grilled peanut butter and bacon, and it's variations, posted about somewhere on these boards.

          Cheddar cheese and peanut butter taste good together.

          1. I mix in my homemade granola. Addicting!!!

            1. Years ago, one of the editions of Joy of Cooking (circa 1970) had a recipe for a great open-face sandwich. It may still be there. It involved mixing brown sugar and real bacon bits with peanut butter, spreading it on toast, and broiling it with a slice of tomato on top.

              1. Along the wasabi idea, anything spicy, eg chipotle.

                I spread it on any starch--waffles, pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough, etc. There are quite a few pb mashed potato recipes since Lisa made it on Top Chef.

                And, peanut butter rice dessert soup.

                1. Here is how I make my own PB
                  1/2 cup roasted peanuts
                  1 tablespoon lemon juice
                  1 tablespoon cilantro
                  1 big or 2 medium clove(s) of garlic
                  1 seeded Thai chilli
                  sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste
                  In the magic bullet for creamy results

                  1. My neighbor just shared with me this interesting combination that I have yet to try myself. She takes a good piece of toasted bread, spreads peanut butter on it and then tops it with some cottage cheese. I love all three separately so I do plan on trying her concoction to see if I have the same epiphany she has.
                    But I am like most others: honey and a banana or my standbys, as is honey with sliced apple, nutella and anything spicy. I would lump the avocado suggestion in with the cottage cheese-sounds interesting and both have similar textures so I'll have to try that too.

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                      I do the cottage cheese on pb toast and it is delicious. Also try plain yogurt on pb toast. Makes a very satisfying breakfast. The cottage cheese and pb is tops, though.

                    2. Thin it with some soup. :)
                      For example this Ecuadorian 'Biche' fish soup:

                      or this Ecuadorian peanut sauce for fried potato cakes

                      or this Ecuadorian tripe stew

                      1. You asked for it so you're gonna get it...

                        My Dad used to eat a slice of pizza w/, I swear I am not lying, peanut butter spread on it. Uh-huh!

                        I found a recipe on epicurious once for toasted peanut butter and cantaloupe sandwiches and toasted peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.

                        1. Well, my Dad eats peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. He swears they are good but I've never worked up the courage to try them.

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                            Wow - I love some of these ideas!
                            Can't wait to try:

                            -pb and canteloupe sandwiches
                            -cold pb & rice dessert soup
                            -Jiyohappy's pb recipe
                            -pb in granola

                            The pb & bacon sandwich idea seems crazy - maybe just crazy enough to try... :-)


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                              My father used to eat peanut butter onion sandwiches.

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                                Peanut butter and bacon is heavenly on raisin bread toast.

                            2. I love peanut butter and cook with it a lot, but I usually do savory dishes. These are two of my favorites (sorry I have no measurements for you, but these are extremely forgiving in terms of ingredient proportions).
                              peanut butter sauce - great over cold noodles or cooked veg, or as a dip for raw veg - stir to combine:
                              peanut butter,
                              a dash of soy sauce or Bragg's,
                              minced garlic,
                              a tiny bit of vinegar (i like rice vinegar)
                              and enough water to smooth it out.
                              Also good with a minced hot pepper and/or cilantro thrown in. Some people like it with a bit of sugar added.

                              peanut butter stew - very rich and can be made with any veg or meat you want - I've done it with various combinations of fish, chicken, beef, lamb, spinach, tomato, kale, broccoli, etc.
                              saute garlic and diced onion
                              If using meat, throw it in to sear for a minute before adding any veg you want,
                              then stir in 1/2 - 3/4 cup natural peanut butter, 1/2-1 cup buttermilk and maybe a little bit of water, add salt and seasonings (cilantro is tasty) to taste, and simmer 'til meat and veg are cooked through.

                              1. I just remembered another use for PB.

                                Add some soy sauce to PB to create a nice dipping sauce for gyoza, or spring rolls.

                                1. The versatility of peanut butter speaks for itself. Trying to identify things that go well with peanut butter is much easier than trying to find something that doesn't. Peanut butter goes well with both savory and sweet ingredients. Mix it with maple syrup, any jam or jelly you select, chocolate, marshmallow, nutmeg, - the list is endless.

                                  1. As in making your own peanut butter blend or what to add to a PB sandwich?
                                    For sandwiches I've layered in bacon, sliced apples, honey and popcorn, or my favorite: Nacho Cheese Doritos. For layered-in-crunchies you'll have to smash down the top slice of bread to gently crack the Doritos or whatever, otherwise they will fall out and dribble peanut butter down the front of your pj's.
                                    Do they still sell the jars of Goobers- with the stripes of jelly and peanut butter in the same jar? It always made me feel slightly sick to look at that jar on the shelf. Mom would never buy it (I never asked).

                                    1. I like PB with mango chutney. And I second the whole peanut butter soup/stew idea -- great with butternut squash and all sorts of greens.

                                      1. an interesting addition to rice krispy treats.

                                        great mixed with graham cracker crumbs on top of ice cream or fro yo.

                                        spread on bread topped with brown sugar and cinnamon, then broiled til gooey.

                                        mixed with sea salt.

                                        mixed with carob chips.

                                        pureed with some sugar and cream cheese - great spread on cinnamon rolls or sticky buns or biscuits of any sort.

                                        1. We grew up with "mung" sandwiches. Open face peanut butter and jelly heated in the oven. "Mung" is supposed to be the sound one made when eating them.