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Aug 11, 2008 02:37 PM

ideas for 'doctoring' peanut-butter

I like peanut butter. And I appreciate creative/unusual food ideas. So It occurred to me that peanut butter may be just waiting for some interesting 'doctoring'. I have some ideas, like adding cinnamon, adding coconut, obviously chocolate/cocoa...

But I was wondering if anyone already has experience in this. Any recommendations? Flavour combos that work for you here? What would you spread this on?

Experimentation suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Honey is a natural, as is Steen's cane syrup (or Lyle's golden syrup). Thinking in the salty/savory direction, I like thai-style peanut sauces w/chili, garlic, fish sauce, and a little lime & sugar.

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    1. Nutella.


      Wasabi (for a little kick)

      Of course, there's always the stand-bys like marshmallow (or fluff), bananas, etc.

      1. Mix peanut butter with salsa and serve it over steamed greens (we use collards or kale) and potatoes. It's based on masamba from Malawi, Africa.

        1. Well, for sandwiches or crackers add sliced pickles. No kidding, if you like pickles it is a delicious combination.

          There is also the grilled peanut butter and bacon, and it's variations, posted about somewhere on these boards.

          Cheddar cheese and peanut butter taste good together.

          1. I mix in my homemade granola. Addicting!!!