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Aug 11, 2008 02:26 PM

Crabs in Ellicott City?

I have a list of favorite crab houses, but none are in the Ellicott City area. I'm trying to corral my family to meet up this weekend, and some live in northern MoCo and others (me) live in Baltimore City, so I thought something off 70 would work. We've been to the Woodbine Inn which is a funny little place but has good crabs. Just wondering if there are other options. Thanks!

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  1. Ships Cafe in Catonsville has very good crabs - typical baltimore crab experience ambience wise

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    1. re: cocoagirl

      Yes, Ship's Cafe usually has very good crabs...they are the best in the EC/Catonsville area for a sit-down crab place.

    2. Woodbine Inn is good. Crossroads Pub has better crabs. Crossroads 4809 Ten Oaks Rd
      Dayton, MD 21036
      (410) 531-7485
      Western Howard County/easy from Montgomery County

      1. Thanks everyone! We may try Ship's Cafe. Never heard of it, but it's pretty convenient for all involved. Good big crabs are all we need. And from MARYLAND of course, not the gulf!