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Aug 11, 2008 02:02 PM

Healthy-ish eats around Huntington LI?


My husband has a business dinner around huntington/ Mellville area in Long Island tomorrow evening. We are kind of health- nuts (organic food only usually) so he was curious if there is are any restaurants in the ara that have some healthier options...local produce, meats or use fresh fresh fresh ingredients etc, that kind of thing. Not tofu and sprouts...but meal options that would make everyone happy. Last time he got stuck at some not so hot steakhouse and was ill for three days.

Good wine wist a plus!


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  1. Try Black & Blue Seafood Chophouse in Huntington. They're into the natural, sustainable, organic kind of thing. I also read somewhere that Mac's Steakhouse is using Niman Ranch beef.

    1. i have to agree with Dyna's choices. I would choose Mac's for their Niman Ranch Beef and farm raised Hawaiian fish...been there a lot since the new owners, who came from Rothmann's took over last year, and have never been disappointed. Their wine list is spectacular. Your husband will really impress his clients if he takes them there.