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Aug 11, 2008 01:59 PM

Looking for deep fried desserts in the Boston area...

Does anyone know where I can find deep fried Oreos or Snickers bars in the Boston area? I recently tried both on the Jersey Shore this past weekend and have been craving them ever since!

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  1. Tavern in the Square, Central Square location has Snickers.

    I'd be interested in trying deep fried Oreos if anyone knows of a local place.

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      Not quite local, but when the Big E starts back up in a month or so (in Springfield), there's been a vendor who has had them in the past. I MAY have also seen them at the Topsfield Fair. I tried them once, wasn't that impressed (the filling melts into thecokies , so what you've got is tempura-coated soggy chocolate cookies.)

    2. i know you can get fried cupcakes at kickass cupcakes in davis

      1. Tommy Doyle's in Kendall Sq lists a deep fried cheesecake. Never tried it (my arteries harden just by reading that), but if you do, please report. :)

        1. You didn't by chance watch King of the Hill on Sunday night, did you?

          1. You should try making them at home! They're super easy, I just use Bisquick Complete and add a little less water than I would for pancakes. Just dip the Oreos into the batter and drop them in a pan with a few inches of oil, flip them until both sides are golden and voila fried oreos! =]

            I love the way that the filling melts into the cookies! The cookies turn into something like gooey chocolate cakes which contrasts the crispy exterior.