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$24.00 tiny Chicken breast from Pizzaiolo

So in my search for the Bay Area's best fried chicken we tried Pizzaolo on Saturday night. I had high hopes as Pizzaolo produces some of the best pizza in Northern California. I'd also heard from Chowhound postings that the semi regular firend chicken entree was noteworthy.

I received what had to be the smallest boneless chiken breast I've ever seen in my life. In addition to the paltry size, it was unsalted and had an odd and unappetizing curry taste.

I'm all for getting what you pay for and realize quality food does not come cheap, but this anorexic breast was a disturbing rip off.

Pizza at Pizzaiolo - DEFINITELY.
Fried chicken - save your money...

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  1. I had quite the opposite disappointing experience a couple months ago. I had a largish normal portion, but the chicken was incredibly salty to the point where I felt like I needed to drink gallons of water to rehydrate.

    The meatballs are my favorite, and of course the pizza is excellent.

    1. Have you tried the fried chicken at T Rex?

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        Or Blue Jay Cafe/Farmer Brown and Front Porch. The latter is served in a big ol' bucket and is citrusy and wonderful. BlueJay/FV more traditional but great.

      2. Not fried, precisely, though cooked in deep fat, have you tried the chicken
        at Corso? A relatively huge chicken breast roasted deep in butter in a cute little
        copper pan. Nothing but chicken, chickenfat, and butter. Remarkably nice and
        about as simple as it could possibly be. $11 as of three weeks ago.

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          Corso link

          1788 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

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            this is all interesting to me as the breast is the least forgiving piece of the chicken to fry. why any restaurant would offer fried chicken breasts as opposed to fried legs and thighs is curious indeed

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              That was my exact thought with the Corso thing. It was very good as it
              was, but if they had made it with a pair or three of boned, skin-on thighs,
              braised or whatever it's called in an inch of italian butter, it would be
              up there with most amazing chicken preparations ever.

          2. link

            5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

            1. Weird. The fried chicken I had at Pizzaiolo was all dark meat and plenty for two people to share. I can't imagine that kitchen serving something unsalted or with curry powder.

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                Sounds like you were unlikely, as far as the size. I had the fried chicken at Pizzaiolo on Saturday night, too. Far from being small, our breast was huge....more than enough for two people. It was prepared differently than I've had it there before, but I liked it. It was spicy (maybe there was curry added, but it was definitely spicy) on a bed of beans, squash and tomatoes in a broth. We found it quite tasty, though not as tasty as when I've had the non-spicy variety at Pizzaiolo. They also had a gypsy pepper, pancetta, and parsley pizza that was so good we fought over who got the last slice.

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                  um, i obviously meant "unlucky." I don't think you're unlikely.

                  For the record, I generally don't like fried chicken (especially when there's good pizza available), so the fact that I order it is a testament to its usual quality.

              2. I've had the fried chicken there many times and have never found had a problem with the salting--though I like a lot of salt or portion size.

                1. "in addition to the paltry size"

                  I believe its spelled poultry.

                  ~rim shot~

                  Kidding aside I have friends whose opinion I respect who swear by the Fried Chicken at Pizzaiolo. I mean it would have to be pretty spectacular to pass up the pizzas. When I've dined with them the portion size has always been more then adequate.

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                    When I had the fried chicken at Pizzaiolo, I was taken aback by the fact that it was a single, boneless breast. I was sort of let down until I tasted it. .. it was delicious! It was juicy, crispy and quite large. It sat on a bed of chick peas and kale with a spicy chile oil and it was one of the finest fried chickens I had in a long time - I liked it better than Ad Hoc's chicken. I would love to see his take on classic soul food fried chicken!