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Aug 11, 2008 12:54 PM

Astor Place - Now the Clubhouse Diner

I drove by what used to be Astor Place. It is under new management and is now the Clubhouse Diner. Has anyone tried it yet? We will check it out for breakfast next weekend and report on the food and overall menu. Hopefully this one will be better than the mediocre diners in the area. I'm a fan of Collegeville Diner but it is a bit farther than I want to drive for a quick breakfast or quick diner.

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  1. If it's at all related to Bensalem's Clubhouse Diner, you're in for a treat.

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        Hmm could very well be the sequel to the Bensalem one. Interesting. The Clubhouse there is run by a fabulous Greek family. Love it there but haven't been in years

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out. This post has made me in a nostagic mood. Anyone remember the old Astor Diner in it's heyday? Or, and this is really going back, Big Pixie across the street from there? Ahhh memories!

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        Interesting. The Astor was anything but a "diner" on a Saturday night. In fact, we stopped going because it quickly became a suburban gangsta wannabe nightclub where it literally got "down and dirty". The crowd is young, unsophisticated, and crude. Go on an off night and the crowd and atmosphere is very different. Tried the food a few times and it was "eh" and overpriced. Will be interesting to see how, if at all, it changes.....

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          I don't remember Big Pixie, but how about McPhee's?

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            Is that the place that used to be West Point Inn or something? Near West Point Park? That tavern was Pizzatyme recently but now it is something else? There was also a Big Pixie in montgomeryville.

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              Yes, I remember McPhee's as the only Scottish restaurant in the region. You could get great smoked salmon, cock-a-leekie soup, mutton stew and they had a selection of Scotch whiskeys that was superb. Never went for the haggis, though. It was a favorite place of my mom's and I miss it.

        2. Never again!!
          I wanted to take my family of 5 out for a good dinner the night before school started so we decided to give the Clubhouse, Too a try! Although we were told 25 minute wait, we were seated in 3 minutes- strange but a nice surprise!

          The waitress was working many tables but she did a good job of keeping things moving for the most part however there was no attempt to recomcile a disappointing entree that arrived. We were charged for the entire thing although we basically took one bite. When we ordered the replacement kids' chicken dinner we received only the chicken strips- nothing that went with it!- but were charged the entire meal again! An order of the 5 smallest mozzarella sticks I have ever seen cost $6.99!

          We were excited about the long-awaited need for a diner in North Wales but this food was so disappointing that we will never go back. Soup and yes, even mashed potatoes tasted watered down! They were out of several things and we watched numerous people return their entrees to the kitchen. Listening to the waitstaff arguing amongst themselves and the manager truly set the environment for the meal.

          When we sat down we had ordered a to-go entree for an older son so we couldn't cancel after seeing the quality of the food. It arrived with no soup or salad, the vegetables were in a container that would be used for ketchup in any other restaurant (approx 1/8cup!) and again, 2 strips of beef and 1 strip of chicken for $13.00. This place thinks the folks in the suburbs have money to burn and expect little in return!

          We live very close to this place and will not go back again- my husband and I give it 6 months before enough people have tried it and the 'new business' crowd decides to go elsewhere and they close the doors! Save your money and keep driving to the American Star Diner on Route 63- good food and large portions and the service is fast!

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          1. re: worcestergal

            I'm definitely in agreement regarding dinner at Clubhouse Too. We took 3 of our grandchildren there Saturday evening. It was a full hour between the time we were seated (after about a 10 minute wait) and the time our entrees were delivered. The place was packed and we were not the only ones waiting for food. The only person who liked their dinner was my wife, who never met a turkey platter that she didn't like! Even the kids were making faces and pushing food to the back of the plate.

            We've also been there for breakfast, which we both thought was good, and we will go back for that. I also agree that American Star Diner is a good breakfast place - we've never had dinner there but that might be the stop the next time the grandkids sleep over.

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              Second the American Star for breakfast. I went there very early (like five thirty) for three days in a row last summer and the food came out blindingly fast. And they have good homefries which is my main requirement of an inexpensive breakfast place. Also went last friday am about sixish and still good friendly and fast.

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                We normally go to breakfast sometime between 10 and noon. We've had the same service experience as givemecarbs had earlier in the day. They are really quick with getting breakfast on the table!

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