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Aug 11, 2008 12:52 PM

A pleasant Surprise from Carnival

So we drove up to Santa Barbara last Firady to attend the USmmerland WInery's polo party at a polo field in SUmmerland (not the main one, but Nesbitt's)

We got there just as the massive line for food is building. We get to the front and waht are we greeted with butt...
Carnival from Sherman oaks! LEss than 5 minutes form my apartment! Hooray! It was AMAZING. Just an array of baba ganooj, hummus, tzatziki, lamb, chicken, pastreies, mezze, , more lamb and chicken, salads tobuleh, and more. All fresh, all flavorful, all amazing. It went wonderfully with the wine selections!

I shall have to remember the catering is as good as the in house!
Hooray Carnival!

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