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Suggestions in Kansas City, near the Plaza?

My wife and I will be in KC next Sunday through Tuesday and looking for suggestions on where to go and what to do. We're staying on the Plaza and if possible want to hit as many places as we can within walking distance, but are willing to hop in the car for something truly spectacular.

We arrive Sunday afternoon and I was thinking we would take in the concert on the plaza with take out from Jack stack, thoughts?

Find a good local restaurant for breakfast.
Light lunch around the plaza
Evening dinner - this is the one we will most likely drive to.

Grab lunch before heading back to Saint Paul.

Also any place that specialize in dessert?

I've checked out many posts, but didn't find much around the plaza - It would be great to see your favorites.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a nice dinner on the Plaza:
    Starker's Reserve http://www.starkersreserve.com/
    Plaza III www.plazaiiisteakhouse.com
    These are both solid Kansas City restos.
    M&S Grill is a chain owned by McCormick and Schmick's, but their steaks are good and dessert is out of this world. I especially love the Boston Cream Pie and the Red Velvet Cake is supposedly voted the best in KC (I'm not sure by whom). I am a big dessert fan, so I know these things (lol). www.mandsgrill.com

    Baja 600 is fine if you want a quick lunch on the Plaza. Not great authentic Mexican, the food is overall average, but it is inexpensive and quick and if the weather is nice you can sit outside.

    1. I think Jack Stack takeout is a great idea. Breakfast in the Plaza - Classic Cup, really good and it's local. Light lunch around the plaza - lots of choices...you can't go too wrong but something local would be The Mixx which is not right in the Plaza but easy to find. There's a gelato place that has what looks like a great light lunch menu that I'm dying to try. Otherwise you've got the usual suspects...Panera, etc. Oh, there's Eden Alley in the Plaza - vegetarian - great soup, salad, etc., it's local and great. Monday night...need to know more...but off hand I'd suggest Bluestem b/c you just can't go wrong there. Desserts are amazing, too. JJ's is another close to the Plaza to look into. But Bluestem is incredible Tues lunch? Winstead's is a classic, old-fashioned burger/milkshake place just east of the plaza - kind of fun. Or Fred P Ott's for a bigger burger....or Houston's, which is my fave chain EVER. Hope that helps.

      1. For lunch or dinner, our favorite neighborhood place is Aixois at 55th & Brookside, slightly south of the Plaza. Classic French bistro fare. The fish specials are always worth trying. If the weather permits, sit outside to enjoy the passing scene.

        1. I would check out Grand Street Cafe. It's right across from the Plaza, probably walkable from where you will be. It never disappoints.
          I would second The Mixx for lunch.

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            The Mixx does look good for lunch - what a great concept, and so simple. I'm sure it will soon be imitated.

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              Grand Street Cafe also has delicious breakfasts/brunches. Would have to check to see if they serve during the week, though.

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                My wife will love that suggestion, wouldn't have known about it otherwise - thanks!

              2. Eggtc is an excellent breakfast/brunch place at 51st and Main. Be prepared for a little bit of a wait if you go on the weekends, but Monday should be OK.


                1. I second JJs. It's pretty traditional stuff, not cutting edge but a good local spot for lunch or dinner and their steaks can rival Plaza III if you're into that. The Paco Shrimp appetizer is their specialty (bacon wrapped yum). ReVerse is another local place on the Plaza and Grand Street mentioned before -- both have outdoor seating which is nice right now. If you want a meal with all the latest greatest hip stuff BlueStem is it.

                  1. If you are willing to drive for your dinner I recommend The American Restaurant which is in Crown Center. The dining room is near the top of a tall building and the walls are windows so the view of the city is great. Their food is amazing down to the last detail and they have an in house pastry chef in charge of deserts. The menu is your choice of two to five courses (you may even be able to do more) and is seasonal changing weekly. When I was there last my desert was a vanilla bean semi-fredo with some sort of honey drizzle and basil seeds. To die for.

                    1. The Melting Pot fondue restaurant is one of our favorites. Save room for the dessert fondue at the end. The Melting Pot takes reservations. It is located on the south side of the Plaza along Brush Creek.

                      1. Recap
                        Did takeout from JackStack on Sunday night, enjoyed music on the plaza (although not much room to sit). Ribs were very good and tender, hust the right amount of smokiness. My wife had a sandwich, which was also good and she really enjoyed the cheese bake.

                        Classic cup for breakfast - eggs and potatoes were both good and classic. Also enjoyed their french press coffee. Negative here was they have a hard stiop on breakfast at 10:30, we arrived our second day at 10:34 and they would not serve breakfast - very inflexible.

                        The Mixx was great, did a salad and the chicken salad sandwich - both fresh and very tasty, only complaint was the salads are huge. After we ordered found out you can do a mini, I would recommend it.

                        Ate at M & S grill - good food, as expected and right next door to the hotel.

                        Our favorite find was probably Balsano's Gelato Cafe - fantastic gelato - had to go twice in one day!

                        Almost forgot Christopher Elbow choclate was closed on Sunday and Monday but we stopped on our way out Tuesday am - very glad we did. The chocolates are awesome, taste phenomenal and appearance is amazing. My favorite was the lime.

                        Thanks for all of the advice, we had a great time! I just wish we had more time or big enough stomachs to try it all

                        Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue
                        4747 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64112

                        Classic Cup
                        301 W 47th St, Kansas City, MO 64112

                        Christopher Elbow Chocolatier
                        1819 Mcgee St, Kansas City, MO

                        Balsano's Gelato Cafe
                        428 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64112

                        4855 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112

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