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Aug 11, 2008 12:28 PM

where to eat on the 101 to L.A.?

Any good recommendations for me while driving from SJ to LA on the 101? Not Andersen's...please...thanks.

Kathleen Dunleavy
"Lady in Red Sauce"

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    1. re: Husky

      Husky is correct: kateD's blog should be titled "Lady in _the_ Red Sauce."



      To some, it looks like just a plain old diner from the outside, but the secret is that it serves up some of the best diner food anywhere. Enormous portions (Really really really big plates here), fresh ingredients, good food. You might think that "diner food" is not too appealing, but it really is a wonderful "comfort food" type place with outstanding dishes. From the burgers to the enormous salads, open-faced sandwiches, etc. Very cool little chain of restaurants. For the LA->Bay Area drive, stopping at the Margie's off the highway in San Luis Obispo (an exit away from the famous Madonna Inn) makes for a good choice. For those doing the trek on the 101 up to Santa Cruz or that area of the coast, there's a Margie's right at the freeway connection in Salinas. I seem to remember that there was also a Margie's in Pismo Beach and in Morro Bay as well. Again, the outside of the place may be nothing to write home about, but don't be deceived!