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Aug 11, 2008 12:19 PM

Jane or Cookshop for brunch?

I'm visiting NYC for a few days in a couple of weeks and can't decide between Cookshop or Jane for Sunday brunch. Both appeal as you can make a reservation and are walking distance from my hotel in Chelsea. Which do you think is better for ambiance/atmosphere and food? If it helps, I have a sweet tooth (so am keen on pancakes or french toast). Thank you! Looking forward to your replies.

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  1. I had brunch at both and I think Jane is much more enjoyable that Cookshop. But I'm all about eggs bene abd savory foods. My friend had the frenchtoast at cookshop and barely ate a slice cause he found it too doughy and unenjoyable.

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    1. re: kelea

      Hi kelea,

      Did you get any savory food at Cookshop for brunch though? Their best brunch food is their bacon and egg!

      I enjoyed the food at Cookshop much more than at Jane for brunch.

      1. re: kobetobiko

        hey kobe,

        i did actually. got the huevos ranchero and was really just underwhelmed by it. honestly, everyone was raving about cookshop to me, i probably just expected too much. jane on the other hand, i went before i heard anything about it and was just pleasantly surprised.

        however personally, my fave eggs and bacon dish in the city now has to be mermaid inn's egg casserole.

      2. re: kelea

        My fiance had the french toast at Cookshop and didn't like it either. They were serving it using semolina bread, which is a no-no in my book. Brioche or challah should be used.

        If you LOVE french toast, go to Jane. It's creme brulee battered! Delicious but very rich. They do have benedicts and other items, and they're good but not great, but seeing as brunch there includes a drink, it's not a bad deal.

        I agree with sam1 that the baked goods are Cookshop are quite nice, as well as kobetobiko's assesment of the BACON. It's also much more spacious than Jane, and a little easier to get a reservation, in my experience.

        Actually, if you like pancakes and french toast, you should go to Five Points (Cookshop's sister restaurant) for brunch, but these items are not always on the menu. But they have really good bourbon vanilla french toast and lemon ricotta pancakes.

      3. I think they're both really good. I think the food at Cookshop is a bit more refined, Jane's a bit more comfort-y. And maybe the space at Cookshop is a bit more modern... but I don't think you could go wrong w/either.

        1. only been to cookshop for brunch but its excellent, very comfortable, and extremely tasty. id probably opt for a sweet dish other savory...their baked goods are great too.

          1. Many thanks everyone! It's a tough one, there seems to be no consensus! I'm thinking Cookshop, mostly because it's closer to my hotel than Jane. So assuming I'm going there, what must I absolutely order? I actually don't eat meat (so no bacon sadly!) and my boyfriend is also veggie. Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

            1. yeah i'd say it depends on what you plan to eat...

              i've had the french toast at jane a few times and it is in fact quite good, one of the best ones in the city. the french toast at 202 is also great but their menu is otherwise quite limited. ambiance at jane is sorta "comfy" feel.

              i've been to cookshop as well and really enjoyed my meal there too. had the banana bread (delicious) and then had a brunch special which was hanger steak and skillet eggs, came with a side of their potatoes - truly great dish all around. ambiance at cookshop is a bit more modern, then again i sat outside and dont remember the interior much.