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Aug 11, 2008 11:43 AM

group of 8- for Tuesday night

A group of old college friends are coming into town tommorrow. We usually go to places like the Essex....good food, good space, relatively reasonable in price.

Our group has expanded to 8 people and it is difficult to accomdate such a large group so last minute. Any suggestions ? Any cuisine besides Indian. Thanks for the help as i am at a loss.
thanks hounds'

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  1. first girls or guys? neighborhood you prefer or cuisine? there so many options.

    pipa is a good tapas place in gramercy for a bunch of girls to go to. i'm sure a lot of people will say stanton social but i've never been so i can't comment.

    1. Italian.....
      Bar Milano
      Bar Stuzzichini

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      1. re: kcijones001

        i would skip milano. don't think it is good for groups and catching up. plus the food is overrated and expensive. i was thinking otto and crispo as well. i hear great things about stuzzichini.

        1. re: mch

          I disagree with your opinion of Bar Milano's food. We've had dinner there twice, and both meals were excellent.

      2. I second Crispo and Otto. You can try Alta too.

        1. Another for Crispo (good food and value, can be noisy). On the LES, Rayuela (Latin) or Bacaro (Italian) might work. Especially on a week night. Rayuela's on Allen near Delancey. Bacaro has same owners as Peasant. On Division at the end of Orchard Street. Elyssa Dido (on Orchard) for something different, though space is small and it might be tough for 8.

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          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            we went to LUPA. it was good as usual. the only issue we had was that they wouldnt seat us until the whole party showed up. One girl was late, as per usual, and they wouldnt sit us. One of the girls is pregnant and they would not make an exception. Strangely we suggested we order for the girl and they still wouldn't seat us. In the end it was LUPA's loss as we would have order that 3rd bottle of wine. The buccatini and fresh pasta of the day was outrageous.

            1. re: namreb

              namreb, thanks for the report.
              We went to Lupa for the first time this year and if it wasn't so hard to get a reservation we would go more often.