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Aug 11, 2008 11:43 AM

Tomatoes: Any Great Ones Yet?

Any tips?

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  1. Are you in the city or out in the burbs. If you are in the burbs some of the supermarkets sell local tomatoes, it is one thing they can get in their own areas. I had a really good beefsteak/field tomato from Fortino's over the weekend, and I cannot wait to hit the farm later this week to get tomatoes and corn.

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    1. re: smr714

      I'm in the city. Last year, I picked up some really amazing tomatoes (various heirloom varieties) from a woman at the city hall farmer's market. They were fantastic and very reasonably priced. I haven't seen her yet this year (although I missed last week). Last year, she was situated where the cheese guy is this year. Does anyone know who I mean and, if so, do you know where she can be found?

    2. I picked up a mixed box of heirlooms at the Liberty Village market on Sunday, the best I've had this year, I can only bring myself to slice them with a drizzle of oil, s&p they are so good!

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      1. re: Recyclor

        Good to know. I missed the markets this past weekend, and the early ones I've had were pretty unspectacular.

        I have been buying greenhouse heirloom varieties, mostly smaller ones at Brickworks for a couple months now. Pretty good. I believe from the Cookstown booth.

      2. The Leamington growers are showing up the early field varieties but the best is yet to come over the next couple weeks. Got some nice field varieties in Mississauga this weekend. My backyard tomatoes(mainly weird cherry variants) are OK but late this season.

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          Ditto...all this rain and lack of sun and getting cooler too, not good for the tomatoes.

          Hopefully the markets deliver.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            Thanks for the feedback. I'll check the City Hall market tomorrow and see if Heirloom Lady is there. (And I'll be going to Liberty Village market on Sunday).