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Need to find the best hot dog in town

I love good hot dogs, I find it disappointing that you have to really search out a good dog in a city the size of Austin. Lucky dog is ok, but I want something a little tastier. Any suggestions?

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  1. Phil's Icehouse has a pretty good grilled one, but not great. I was looking for one on Saturday, as well, and just ended up making my own. I hope this topic gets some good response.

    1. The Best Wurst. My hands down favorite in town. They are usually located near Casino El Camino in a cart on 6th. The trick is finding them. The past few times I've been down there I haven't seen them...

      1. I think it's called King of Hot Dogs on Red River near 10th. Those are awesome. I'm also a fan of Dog Almighty, and believe it or not, the $1.50 Hebrew National dog at Costco.

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          I'll second that Costco dog (as well as their polish sausage)! I also liked Dog Almighty, but not their jumbo dog--the regular size is a better choice for flavor and value. As a bonus, I thought the onion rings at Dog Almighty were good.

        2. Chris's Little Chicago (trailer on S. Lamar just north of the Sun Harvest in the big vacant lot that was to be condos) had a pretty good Chicago style dog for me last week. He's got other offerings as well but I haven't tried them. Got to say his chicago style reminds me of lucky dog's old chicago style so you'd best trying another one of his combo dogs.

          Didn't someone rave about Casino el Camino's dog a while back?

            1. The best hot dog I've had in the last 5 years was the Chicago Dog from Spec's on 290/Brodie.

              (And thanks for starting a new thread rather than reviving a 1-4 year old thread. A pet peeve of mine and why I don't post here more often)

              1. I agree with the Costco vote, but they only offer relish, catsup and mustard (and onions, I think). No chili, no cheese, good for me but not for DH

                Mighty Fine at Arbor Walk has a really great dog, with good chili and whatever else you want. Recommend!

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                  CostCo also has sauerkraut for their dogs They used to have it out with the rest of condiments, but now it's kept warm behind the counter. Just ask for it and they'll give you a little tub of it. Most people just assume they discontinued it, but it's still available.


                2. Oh how I miss Rockdog, I was a huge fan. My current fav is the hot dog trailer on Red River near 10th (Red Eyed Fly, Headhunter's area). They are fabulous, with very good buns, too.

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                    This is deviating a little from best "hot dog," but I always get the chili dog at Texas Chili Parlor.

                  2. I heard some good buzz for the chili dog at Mighty Fine and picked up one to go while I was in the area. Don't do it! It's gawdawful! No flavor and they chop it up and mix it with very mildly seasoned finely crumbled beef. Even the mustard, onions and cheese could not save it!

                    1. Great thread idea...I'm enamored with the chicago dog at the little deli (sorry, can't recall the name) on Speedway just several blocks south of 38th street on the left as you round the corner by the little market, it's like a 2-3 shop little strip. Fresh baked bread, and killer ingredients. Tad pricey, but great.

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                      1. Dog Almighty is my favorite although I hear there is only one location left. I loved Wienerschinetzel (sp??) as a kid but the one on Braker Lane doesn't seem to offer up anything special - I'm not going back there.

                        1. Chuckster,
                          I had an amazing hot dog this past weekend @ Casino El Camino - I know I didn't get a burger, but I have had them before. I was craving a chili dog w/ sauerkraut and it definitely hit the spot. It had this amazing melted queso on top - so delllissh. You also can beat that you can get the amazing queso fries with it. I would highly recommend trying it out.

                          Also if you are really in the mood for gluttony, they also have a dog w/bacon and the works on it.

                          1. I had the Bad Dog at Shady Grove this past week. It was huge, tasty and satisfying. My friend had the Bad Chili Dog and loved it, said the chili added just the right "oomph" to it.