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Aug 11, 2008 11:11 AM

Need to find the best hot dog in town

I love good hot dogs, I find it disappointing that you have to really search out a good dog in a city the size of Austin. Lucky dog is ok, but I want something a little tastier. Any suggestions?

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  1. Phil's Icehouse has a pretty good grilled one, but not great. I was looking for one on Saturday, as well, and just ended up making my own. I hope this topic gets some good response.

    1. The Best Wurst. My hands down favorite in town. They are usually located near Casino El Camino in a cart on 6th. The trick is finding them. The past few times I've been down there I haven't seen them...

      1. I think it's called King of Hot Dogs on Red River near 10th. Those are awesome. I'm also a fan of Dog Almighty, and believe it or not, the $1.50 Hebrew National dog at Costco.

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          I'll second that Costco dog (as well as their polish sausage)! I also liked Dog Almighty, but not their jumbo dog--the regular size is a better choice for flavor and value. As a bonus, I thought the onion rings at Dog Almighty were good.

        2. Chris's Little Chicago (trailer on S. Lamar just north of the Sun Harvest in the big vacant lot that was to be condos) had a pretty good Chicago style dog for me last week. He's got other offerings as well but I haven't tried them. Got to say his chicago style reminds me of lucky dog's old chicago style so you'd best trying another one of his combo dogs.

          Didn't someone rave about Casino el Camino's dog a while back?