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Aug 11, 2008 11:04 AM

Bierocks / Cabbage Burgers- Denver

Does anyone know of a bakery that makes Bierocks (Runza, Bierochen, Cabbage Burgers, etc..) ? It's a pretty midwestern thing but w/ so many transplants in Denver I would think someone is feeding that jones?

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  1. Never heard of 'em before; while I can't be of help to you, thanks for introducing me to a new item! If they are to be found in town, I've got to try them...they look great.

    1. We have only had them at fairs. Every year there is an arts and crafts festival at Kettering Park in Littleton. My 100 lb. adult daughter makes a beeline for the runzas first thing and polishes off 2 of them before we start the craft fair.

      We have never found them in a restaurant in Denver. Sorry

      1. Runzas??? Runzas??? RUNZAS!!!!!

        Don't torture people by mentioning those delightful pieces of heaven that live too far away!!!

        I usually have to make my own. But if you're desperate, there's a chain called Runza Restaurant that has an outlet in Sidney, Nebraska. On I-80 right across from Cabela's. But like I said, you have to be desperate to go that far.

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          According to their website, they have restaurants in Loveland and Fort Collins.

        2. Updating my thread... apparently there *is* a spot in Denver, near the hospitals downtown:

          I have yet to try it- but hope to soon. For what it's worth- I've had the Runza chain food and it's passable but not the real deal- the dough isn't soft and yeasty like a home made one and the beef is fairly bland. I will let you know what I find next time I'm up North.

          1. I make the hike up to Loveland for Runza's when I have to. I lived in Lincon, NE just long enough to develop a taste for them.

            In Aurora there's a place called Bender's Brat Haus that sells a Kraut Burger. It's as close as I've found around here:

            Bender's Brat Haus
            15343 E 6th Ave
            Aurora, CO 80011
            (303) 344-2648

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              If you get them in Loveland, go to the large bakery at 808 14th ST SW, Loveland, CO 80537. The name is McCormick and Schmidt's Bakery. (They have them to take and heat or they will heat them for you. They are quite good, but I prefer more onion and black pepper. Anyway, they are much better than Runzas. (I'm from Russell, Kansas).

              1. re: gfbarchitect

                McCormick and Schmidt's? You're kidding.