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Aug 11, 2008 11:03 AM

New York to HHI via I-95- breakfast past Richmond, Fuller's, ice cream, Savannah

Hi all,
I am gearing up for a road trip from New York to Hilton Head, and am planning Chow stops accordingly. I've been perusing this board and have found some great ideas. However, I need help/opinions with our specific agenda!

1) We will probably be ready for breakfast around 8 or 9 AM, somewhere between Richmond and the NC border (might even consider an earlier breakfast between DC and Richmond on 95 if there's anything great open then!). Any recs for an amazing breakfast to refresh us on our long trek?

2) I've read on this board about Fuller's in Lumberton NC. Timewise and distancewise, this seems like it will be a good option for us for lunch. Should we do the buffet, or order a la carte? What's the best stuff to order?

3) I am a huge ice cream buff (could you tell from my username?). I love roadside ice cream stands and would love recs for ANY homemade ice cream spots convenient to 95, specifically between Lumberton, NC and the turn-off for HHI at Rte 278.

4) I'd like to spend one day in Savannah since I've never been to GA. Mrs. Wilkes seems like a favorite on this board. If you could choose 1 or 2 meals in Savannah, what would they be? Please note that I consider dessert a meal. :)

5) On the way back, I would love to stop in Maryland and eat some crabs. Are there any can't-miss crab spots that are convenient to 95?

Thanks so much for answers to any or all of my queries!

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  1. I don't know what kind of breakfast you're looking for, but Richmond's Kuba Kuba has delicious Cuban options. It's very moderately-priced, and only a few minutes off of 95. An order of their Huevos Rancheros and several cups of their coffee is a great (and filling) start to a long day.

    As for MD crabs, I have two slightly different options to suggest. Bo Brooks is on the water in downtown Bmore, and close to 95. It's got pretty good crabs, but a large part of the draw is the location. Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn in Essex, MD has no scenery to recommend it, but makes some of my favorite steamed crabs. Actually, part of the fun of steamed crabs is sitting in a noisy, no-frills restaurant that's decorated with Ravens and Orioles gear. Mr Bill's is convenient to 695 (the Baltimore beltway), but I'd look at a map to see if it's close enough to your driving route. If so, I highly recommend it.

    On my drives to and from Charleston, Richmond, and Baltimore, I tend to stop at Dairy Queen. A lot. If you find any great ice cream stands on your trip I'd love to hear about it so I have a more interesting option than my usual Blizzard.

    Enjoy your trip!

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      Carl's in Fredericksburg off 95 has very good homemade custard....I love, love, love their chocolate malts.

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        Thank you for the suggestions!!! I will definitely look into the places you mentioned. And I certainly hope to blaze trails with some new ice creameries along the way! :)

      2. You didn't ask for DC-area ice cream spots, but just in case, you should not miss York Castle Tropical Ice Cream, on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, MD. It is just off the DC Beltway, a couple of exits west from 95. See It is one of the more interesting ice cream spots I've been to, and it is really good stuff.

        Here are a list of flavors from their site:
        Super-premium Tropical Flavors: Made with fresh fruit from around the world: Soursop; Guava; Banana; Pineapple; Coconut; Ginger; Lemon; Fruit Basket(guava, strawberry and cherries); PinaColada; Mango; Passion Fruit; Lychee

        Super-premium Traditional Flavors: Rum Raisin; Grapenut; Coffee Chip; Butter Pecan; Vanilla; Chocolate; Strawberry; Mint Chocolate Chip; Coffee; Pistachio; Peppermint Stick(made with crushed candy canes); Swiss Chocolate(made from scratch from homemade Swiss chocolate sauce


        Sorbet(No Milk): Mango; Raspberry; Passion Fruit; Lemon; Tropical Fruit Mix (peach, banana, pineapple, passion fruit, orange)

        Sherbert(10% Milk): Rainbow; Orange

        Seasonal Flavors: Jak Fruit; Mamey Sapote (Lucuma); Tamarind; Summer - Fresh Peach (made from hand-peeled chunks of fresh fruit; Thanksgiving - Pumpkin; Christmas- Eggnog

        1. As you are an ice cream lover dont miss Leopold's Ice Cream while you are in Savannah. Great ice cream and movie history as well. As for dinner I would go to Alligator Soul. I had a fantastic meal there.

          1. Just wanted to post with what we ended up doing......

            We got breakfast at Steven Kent in Petersburg, VA, simply because it was only 6:30 AM and we were starving and it was open! It was just fine-- very cheap, very sweet waitress, decent food (especially the pancakes, YUM). I thought it was a chain, but I think it's not now after checking google. It was within a hotel.

            We went to Fuller's (be still my heart) in Lumberton last Saturday AND this Friday! This was non-negotiable for me after reading all the raves, and we actually got there at 10:45 (they open at 11) and we were not the first people on line! I had not realized the buffet was such a big deal. We loved the place itself and felt like it gave us a real "taste" of the South, both with food and atmosphere. It was actually a great idea to get there when it opened because everything was hot and fresh. If you order off the menu, you'll be sure to get your hush puppies piping hot. My favorite things off the buffet were the HPs, the mashed potatoes, the biscuits, the fry bread (not sure if that's what it's called, kind of like a fried tortilla, a little chewy?) and the bbq chicken. We were not crazy about the fried chicken or the dessert bar (skip it and have more biscuits), but everything else was just great. We loved it so much we went back on the way up.

            We didn't look for any roadside ice cream because we were so damn full from Fuller's!

            We ended up going to Savannah, and were craving Indian food so we found a place called Taste of India in an office park (I know, weird to go to Savannah and have Indian!). I've been to a lot of Indian places and the decor in this place was just amazing. They had this huge decorative swing in the front, and inside all the tables and chairs were this dramatic black pattern. Tapestries and interesting framed items and tchotchkes adorned the walls. The waiter was such a doll we didn't even mind that they were out of samosas. Anyway, the food was very good, from the tandoori chicken to the spinach with chicken, chickpeas, bread, etc. It definitely satisfied our craving.

            In Savannah, we also got samples from River Street Sweets of the pralines-- genius business idea to serve those hot samples because we promptly bought some to take home. We had ice cream at Leopold's, which was some of the best ice cream I have EVER eaten. The girls behind the counter were so nice and let us try a bunch of flavors-- I got the pistachio (not a horrific shade of neon green) loaded with nuts, and the chocolate chocolate chip. Firm packed ice cream that was creamy and frozen at a perfect temperature so as not to drip but with no crunch crystals.... Those two scoops in a waffle cone were the best thing I ate on vacation all week. Also fabulous-- cake batter with chunks of cake, and peanut butter....

            On the way back, it was too late for a proper dinner in Baltimore, so we stopped by Broadway Diner, which is very convenient to 95. It was good enough, but we felt it was kind of overpriced.

            Thanks for the tips!