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Recent Cocktails (SEA)

Any recent favorites?
Here are a few for starters:
the cherry-infused manhattan at Crush
the grapefruit foam drink (and red wine foam drink) at Spur
the Creole at Zigzag

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  1. Jasmine at Vessel (gin, campari, etc.)
    Sage margarita at Zoe.
    I have had several good gin drinks at ZigZag, but I can't remember all the names. I love their variety of bitters.

    And here's one that didn't work for me: a traditional martini at Quinn's, with a cornichon instead of an olive. It tasted like pickle juice (surprise, I know), but I thought it was awful. I couldn't drink it. I

    1. Jameson on the rocks. Simple, clean, elegant.

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          Probably no more than vodka on the rocks is really a martini <grin>.

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            I would define "cocktail" as anything that comes in a cocktail glass ;)

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              It may be a classic, and I enjoy it as well, but it's technically not a cocktail according to Merriam-Webster. "1 a: an iced drink of wine or distilled liquor mixed with flavoring ingredients"

        2. I particularly enjoy the Aviation Cocktail at ZigZag. The combination of sweetness and tartness takes me back to the Sour Bleep Blips of my childhood, those cheap chalky-like candies in the dispenser machines at the grocery store.

          Somewhat off top… but in most other regions of the country I have lived, a few drops of bitters in a proper G&T is not so unusual. I find here in Seattle that such a request is met with some confused head-tilting from behind the bar… HUH?…and often times bartenders tend to go overboard when adding them… really, just a few drops is all you need to make the drink complete.

          1. Private Danzka at Restaurant Zoe (It's off the menu now, but they'll still make it for you. It's a grapefruity vodka drink)

            Anything at Oliver's Twist in Phinney Ridge.

            1. Lavendar martini at Chapel

              1. Cucumber watermelon margarita at Cactus

                1. The (normally non-alcoholic) sour cherry fizz at the Palace Kitchen, when augmented on request with bourbon, has been the drink of the summer among several of my friends.

                  (I personally prefer my bourbon neat, on the rocks, or up in a manhattan, but I understand the appeal.)

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                    Spur is doing a 6 course Bulleit bourbon dinner next Thursday with paired bourbon cocktails

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                      If I could take Friday off from work, I'd consider it; thanks for the tip. Will pass the word along to others who might be able to enjoy it.

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                      I agree with you about the way to drink bourbon, terrier, BUT last night I had a "Kentucky Nektar" at Jak's in Laurelhurst. This is Maker's Mark, muddled nectarine slices, and a bit of simple syrup with club soda. It was delicious. I usually drink bourbon in the colder months -- it's just not as summery as gin & tonic -- but this was a divine August cocktail prior to a big steak.

                    3. Just had the "summer sparkler" at Joule--cava, cherry liquer (they used clear creek, I believe), served on ice with a sake soaked cherry. Lovely, very light and summery!

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                        i was told the "cherry liqueur" was Aperol...haven't tried it yet though

                      2. 'Corn 'n Oil' at Tilth was my introduction to Falernum. I liked it so much I made my own by infusing cloves, lime zest, lime juice, bitters, and crushed almonds in white rum, adding sugar to taste.

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                          nice...slightly off-topic but i have to give a shout-out to the If At First cocktail at Teardrop lounge in Portland, a fantastic cocktail bar

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                            When were you there? I was there a week ago Monday. I loved it and can't wait to go back.

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                              i was there Sat night. they also made a Hoskins for me which was quite satisfying. also visited Park Kitchen (which did not wow me unfortunately) and Alberta St Oyster Bar & Grill (which was very good for a Sunday meal when most other places seem closed-- get a glass of Belle de Brillet pear cognac while you're there since it's not available in WA state)

                        2. A couple great and recent cocktails:

                          At Buddha Ruksa, the cocktail made with tea (the name is escaping me!)
                          At the jimgermanbar in Waitsburg, 20 miles outside of Walla Walla, the Sazerac, the French 75, and the primo cocktail of them all, the Left Bank. Jim German managed the bar at Campagne before heading to Eastern Washington.