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Aug 11, 2008 10:59 AM

Goldie's Gathering, Cabot Vermont

Yesterday we had lunch at a funky little restaurant tucked away in an old village inn next to the hardware store in Cabot, Vt. The delicious home-cooked style hearty food was all made from fresh local ingredients, right down to garden sweet tomatoes in the cheeseburgers and blt wrap and the freshly hand-cut french or sweet potato fries. One of the Pennsylvanians with us pronounced the sausage gravy to be "just right". Although we did not have dessert, the list was appetizing and the server told us the treats were all freshly made. Service was fast and cheerful, and the ambiance was that of your grandmother's parlor, with mis-matched chairs and a charming tin ceiling. Goldie's is a real find in an area of few restaurants and even fewer serving Sunday breakfast and lunch - a great place to stop before that visit to the Cabot Creamery just down the road. You may not even have much room left for all of the Creamery's samples of cheese, dips and popcorn! Goldie's is open 9 AM to 1 Pm on Sundays; Wednesday thru Saturday 9 to 8 for all 3 meals.

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