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Aug 11, 2008 10:52 AM

anyone had a bad experience in Eclano in the North End?

It was a Saturday evening, my girlfriend and I asked for their special bruchtta and seafood pasta.

The bruchetta came 30 minutes after we ordered it, and the bread came 15 minnutes afterwards.
the service was very bad, the waiter seemed very professional and polite and when we asked for the bread, he'd say it's coming, but he'd never come back to apologize when the bread didn't come.
the pasta took literally 40 minutes after we finished eating the brushetta. and this is where i was shocked:
1- the pasta tasted like Ramen noodles. I am not kidding, both me and my gf were horrified, it was definitely not the taste you'd expect from a north end restaurant.
2- the portions were tiny.

Has anyone ever had a bad experience in this place or was it that we were unlucky to be there at an evening where the chef was not at his best?
I wouldn't come back again there, but i'm just curious if this is what other people feel as well.

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