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Aug 11, 2008 10:29 AM



I am going to Nashville this weekend...any suggestions on places to go, things to see. I am going with 2 other girls 27 years old...

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  1. Can you elaborate on what you are looking for or like in terms of food? Are you looking for some place that's more casual, fine dining, atmosphere, etc.?
    For suggestions for things to do not related to food, you may want to do a search for Nashville on or

    1. Nashville has tons to do. F. Scotts is a good jazz room that serves interesting, very good food that's half price after nine. Exit Inn is a good rock room. The Frist Museum has a great exhibit of color field painters. The Country Music Hall of Fame is better than you'd imagine and a very good spot for lunch. There are a dozen bars on Broadway, each with better undiscovered country bands than the last. East Nashville is where the alternative/artsy 20 somethings live and there are a number of bars, bistros and coffee houses there. There are some good art galleries on 5th Street north of Broadway. Cheekwood has beautiful gardens and interesting exhibits. Belle Meade has mansions that match any in the country. has the most complete listings of area events and you could try and find last year's best of Nashville on their site. Enjoy your visit. Nashville is a GREAT city.

      1. Being more specific...well we are pretty much up in the air. I am sure one night we will do it up, so maybe some trendy places but also casual too. Mostly, we would just like to hear about what other peoples experiences are at different places to give us some ideas. Like, I will go to a total off the beaten path place but I also would like the trendy places but we dont know what is good and not good so just if you went somewhere in Nashville and would like to give some suggestions feel free...

        As far as food goes, we all try to eat pretty healthy so we are really into some fried greasy place but other than that, we are all pretty much open to whatever. For the most part, none of us typically order red meat...definitely more seafood, chicken, veggie get the idea! Thanks for the comments!

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          I think your best bet is to do a search on this board for Nashville. There have been a lot of discussions here in the past year of various kinds of local restaurants: BBQ, ethnic, high end, hip scene, meat and three (the local "typical Nashville" meal, often very, very good), steakhouses, and more. That way you can find out our consensual wisdom on all those topics; I don't think any of the information is seriously outdated.

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            Looks like you need a few places to get you started, so I'll throw out my favorites for great food/atmosphere along with a few local favorites. Pretty much all of these places are located around the West End/Hillsboro/Belmont/Gulch area which are near downtown and Vanderbilt.

            Radius 10 would be a great place to start at their happy hour from 5-7pm M-F. It's a cool, open atmosphere and Fridays are always busy there. On the bar menu, the lobster pizza is great, as is the gumbo and Gen. Brumm Chicken. If you stay for dinner, someone must do the shrimp and grits. I think he pioneered the grits phenomenon years ago and a place called 30A in the Destin/Seaside area of Florida with his quail/grits appetizer. They are amazing. Never had a bad dish there.

            Flyte is another favorite. They specialize in "Flytes" of wines, salads, entrees, desserts. They do lots of organic and locally grown dishes and also have a great happy hour until 7:30. "Scott and Scott" the owners will make you feel like you are having a glass of wine in your own living room.

            Rumba, on West End, is another fun place. They have a large patio (we've been lucky with weather in the 80s and low humidity this week so the patio would be great) and do a great variety of drinks, pizzas, very creative and delicious salads, entrees and snacks. They are described as a "rum satay bar" but they are so much more. I can never get past their seasonal salads with a cocktail. Delish and good atmosphere. They don't have a website but the Scene ( did a great review a few weeks ago.

            A newer place that would definitely hit your trendy "scene" is "LiME" located on Broadway. They have great freshly made drinks (no pre-purchased margarita mix here) and a terrific sangria. The food is Latin inspired so it's higher end Mexican. I think it's good, but personally prefer it more as a spot for a drink and a snack. Great open air with patio and lots of people. The same guy owns a place called Virago just around the corner and it's Asian Fusion with amazing sushi. It's trendy as well.

            There are other favorites on the Boards such as Watermark, Margot Cafe in East Nashville, etc. etc. but these are my favorite nicer places with both great atmosphere and food.

            On the more casual side, PM Cafe on Belmont is a great hangout spot and is open for lunch on M-Sat and dinner until late night Mon-Sun. They have sushi, lots of Asian items and an amazing burger and fries. It's mostly a locals/college student place. People take their dog to the patio and enjoy the weather, food and drinks.

            If you make it to Belmont, go one street over to 12th South -- a fun neighborhood for walking and eating/drinking. There is Rumours Wine Bar, Mafiaoza's (fun neighborhood pizza place that's always crowded), 12th South Taproom -- sandwiches, specials, salads, beer, usually has live music on the weekends, 2 coffee houses (Frothy Monkey and Portland Brew) and last but not least, you must get to Las Paletas located at the corner of 12th South and Kirkwood. Homemade Mexican popsicles in any flavor you can imagine. Have a popsicle and walk through the park. There are also a few boutiques in this neighborhood.

            Hillsboro Village near Vandy is another small but nice walking neighborhood with a few shops, Jackson's is a good bistro type place with a patio, Fido is a fun coffeehouse that also serves beer and wine and has great food. Cabana is also in this area and would also fit a later night cocktail spot with good snacks too.

            For a few Sunday brunch options, Germantown Cafe near downtown is great and has a nice view of downtown. Margot Cafe and Marche as well as Rumours East (all in East Nashville) do great Sunday brunches as well and all have websites. Both my previous mentioned Jackson's and Rumba do Sunday brunches and Fido has great breakfast too. Some may steer you to the Pancake Pantry, but IMO it's overrated pancakes and I'm not that big a fan to stand in line for pancakes.

            This should get you started. Enjoy your visit!

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              I could not agree more with the list above!! There is only one addition that I would make to the 12 South area and that is Mirror....I love love love that place for my girly nights out.
              Fun drinks and tapas to share!

              You definitely want to hit LiME one night if you want to be a part of the Nashville "scene", as it's the hottest place in town right now. Would suggest having dinner elsewhere however- Rumba or Radius10 perhaps? And then head there for late night drinks.

        2. Thanks for your recs! Will def check them out!

          1. If once saw Nashville described as the "meat 'n' three" capital of the world. That's not fancy cooking. I'm sure others can recommend such places. if you want a really great breakfast (serious breakfast - a slab of country ham fried in a cast-iron skillet, homemade buttermilk biscuits, cream gravy, ) try the Loveless Motel.

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              Radius 10 has been closed for a few months now.
              PM has a decent burger....the owner/chef opened a place Cha Cha a few doors down..mostly tapas.

              City House would be my first choice..located in Germantown north of downtown.

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                Arnold's Country Kitchen was given the James Beard award...

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                  Nashville has so many wonderful restaurants. I visited Flyte this weekend and enjoyed the prix fix menu. I also went to Noshville. It's the best thing I've had since Katz Deli in New York City. They serve the best red velvet cake I have found so far in the Southern United States.

                  A local free booklet called "Eat" is available with the top restaurants in Nashville. I picked mine up at Flyte and it was dead-on for suggestions.

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                    I wonder if the booklet you mentioned is the booklet of the restaurants that are part of Nashville Originals. Is it a red booklet, about four inches square, with some 30-odd pages? While I like the map in the center of the red Nashville Originals booklet, with the locations of the restaurants marked, I miss the easy storage of the Nashville Originals business card with names and phone.

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                  Loveless= Best-Biscuits-Ever. Even Bobby Flay lost in a throwdown with them.