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Aug 11, 2008 10:16 AM

Disappointing lunch at Anisette

Went to Anisette at end June, soon after it had started lunches. Found the experience lacking in the esssentials that make a good brasserie. Charming reception, but then left to our own devices; totally overlooked though tables on either side looked after (by different waiters). I guess we feel between two stools - literally. Waited at least 15 minutes before requesting a menu, then another huge wait for service. The tables are too close together - obviously trying to squeeze out every customer penny Uninspiring choice of lunch options - mostly brunchy, rather than lunchy. Too many eggs not enough meat, except for the seafood platters and shrimp (which was a skimpy serving). The main courses too, were on the small side, and short on flavour. I was appalled to see the
"rotisserie" chicken was roasted somewhere offstage and then kept warm in drawers at the upstairs station. By the time we left the service had continued to be offhand.
I was wondering what experiences anyone else has had? We were impressed with the thought that had gone into the restaurant design (outside of the table positioning), and thought that if the management took the service and menu in hand it had real possibilities. Has it improved in a1 1/2 months?

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  1. I agree with you as for the service. And as for the food, I found it variable. We have been there twice, once for Saturday night dinner and once for Sunday morning breakfast. Although we enjoyed our dinner meal (and the butter is to die for), the dinner service left alot to be desired. Initially we thought it was slow due to the packed place on a weekend night...but at breakfast... we were one of 3 tables taken...and after an eternity, my hot beverage came luke warm (which I detest). Also, although I asked for things on the side for my son's meal it came with all of the stuff on top (which made it inedible for him).They did replace it with a new order (but we considered just leaving it be due to the long wait)... Also, I was really excited that a true viennoiserie (a place that makes good pastries, like croissants) was here in LA and was similarly disappointed: the pain au chocolat was very greasy and heavy and the pain au lait tasted like day old bread. But, I guess if you are in the mood for oysters or seafood, I hear the bar is a great place to sit.

    1. Silly me! I missed Bob Brooks entry of July 27th on Anisette and updated only about 13 hours ago! Must consult the Chowhound Board with greater attention. Interesting that so many people seem to have had a disappointing experience, especially with regards to the service. Surely this is one of the easier criticisms to remedy?

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        I was there for dinner last month, and service was excellent, from the moment I walked in the door, to the moment we left.